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World news – Empty thoughts: penguins 4, bruins 1

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The Penguins striker cut off his night with a power play goal in the second period leading to victory Contributed.

While it wasn’t the ultimate goal of the game, it meant a lot to the penguins who won. And it was clearly big for Malkin on a personal level.

Barely a minute before Malkin’s goal, Rodrigues put the Penguins on a power game by rushing into the offensive zone and forcing Bruins defender Connor Clifton to stick his stick between his legs and tripping him.

« I’m just doing what I can to contribute, » Rodrigues said via videoconference. « Your (defensive) company. I think I’ve been out there for a while. It was nice to pull you in, lead you to that power play goal and give our team more momentum. “

For a player like Rodrigues, who is usually in a match-to-match battle to claim his place on the line-up – in this case, the bet on the left flank of the second row – the draw is Penalties are an important way to maintain your inventory.

That is, coaches LOVE people who can draw penalties. And that’s a component of his game that encourages Mike Sullivan and his company to bring Rodrigues into the line-up whenever possible.

This season, Rodrigues has drawn three penalties in 17 five-on-five games. That doesn’t seem like much on the surface, but it is an average of 1.10 penalties over 60 minutes of ice age.

In comparison, top-line center Sidney Crosby drew 0.86 penalties over 60 minutes of ice age .

There are many things that coaches like about Rodrigues. He is right handed. He can take faceoffs. He can play a number of positions. He thinks the game is good.

« It’s definitely something we look at because usually when players take penalties for getting in or forcing their opponents to have to defend them in good ice, » said Sullivan. « Usually they challenge our opponents with speed or something like that. Usually good things happen. If we can take penalties it is usually an indication that we are trying to get into the points area. We are trying to get into the points. We force the teams to have to defend ourselves.

« As I keep telling the players, one of three things happens: We get pucks, we score and we go into the net: We either score Goal, create a chance or take a penalty. All three are good for the process in my opinion. It’s nice that our boys are trying to challenge our opponents. We have to keep trying. « 

The Bruins took the lead with a power play result of 6:47. Defender Matt Grzelcyk took a pass in the middle of the offensive zone and looked for a shooting range. Then he lifted his wrist past an effective screen that striker Nick Ritchie rattled off the right post, rattled off the left post and went into the cage. It was Grzelcyk’s first goal of the season. Forwards Brad Marchand and David Pastrnak took on assists.

Things were tied 1-1 at 4:51 p.m. of the first. Rodrigues reached the offensive zone on the left wing and threw an ankle into the net on the other side. Goalkeeper Jaroslav Halak initially seemed to save, but let the puck slip off his glove and slip into the net for Rodrigues’ second goal. Strikers Kasperi Kapanen and Malkin created assists.

The Penguins took a 2-1 lead, less than two minutes later at 18:34. After penguin striker Sidney Crosby reached the offensive zone in the center, he fed Jake Guentzel with a pass at the right point. From there, Güntzel crossed over with Crosby and from the high slit he fed Crosby with a pass in the right circle that turned a bad angle one-timer that found and hit a narrow opening between Halak’s left leg and his glove on the near side String for Crosby’s team leading eleventh goal. Güntzel and defender Brian Dumoulin collected templates.

Thanks to a power play result, it became a 3-1 game at 11:40. Kris Letang, defender of the Penguins, dropped a puck in the center of the offensive zone and fed Crosby with a pass on the left wall. Crosby rolled over in the left circle and slid a seam pass over the opposite circle for Malkin, who slipped in and lifted a wrister from the hashmarks past Halak’s glove on the near side to score his eighth goal. Assists went to Crosby and Letang.

An empty net goal by Güntzel – his eleventh – at 19:44 in third place brought the goal to a close. Strikers Bryan Rust and Crosby had assists.

• McAvoy, defenders Jared Tinordi, Jakub Zboril and striker Trent Frederic each led the Bruins with two blocked shots.

• Malkin said his game would come on Jan. February back. Since then he has certainly made it. During his eight-game series he has 12 points (four goals, eight assists).

In contrast, he had 12 points (four goals, eight assists) in his first 20 games of the season.

The The fact that the Penguins win six games while Malkin is producing at such speed is no accident.

• As the 43 shots show, Jarry was quite busy, especially during the first stage when faced with 20 shots . And he was pretty hot. Most of the shots the Bruins fired at him were perimeter junk shots, but there were several good chances during this game including Bruisn striker Jake DeBrusk stopping on a big chance of being shorthanded in the second period / p> The Bruins took a pretty perfect shot on a great screen to get one over with in this game. Jarry is really hired at the moment.

• Even the fourth line looked fine to the penguins. Overall, Anthony Angello, Mark Janowski and Colton Sceviour scored a total of six shots. Sceviour had a nice rush from the left flank in the second phase using an NHL 94 « The Move » to get his shot.

Sceviour also took a harsh penalty by only going in in the second half Netz went to give his team a chance at the power play.

• This was hardly the best performance these Bruins have had this season. They hobbled into this game with some problems and they were obvious. The Penguins would face a much better Bruins game in later return matches.

• Halak looked away. He’s got a pretty good history against the Penguins, but that wasn’t obvious in that game.

• Malkin (1,100 points) outpaced striker Glenn Anderson (1,099) by 63rd place on the NHL career rankings.

“(Malkin) is the kind of guy I think is so reliant on his confidence and he puts a lot of pressure on himself to aggressively produce for our team. When things don’t go right, I think he’s tougher than anyone. … When a few of the pucks hit the net for him and he gets scoring chances, you can see his confidence build up and his game usually follow. He’s playing a tough game right now. Obviously he’s a dominant player for us. He makes an offensive contribution, he is a threat when he goes over the boards. You notice him every time he’s on the ice. It just feels like the puck is following him. Then you know that he is in his game. « 

 » You can see when it gets hot it goes off. I don’t think anyone in our locker room doubted they’d turn it on. It’s not really that he did it at the beginning of the year Sometimes it just bounces, sometimes when things go bad you have to dig really deep to get it going. If he feels it and turns around and wants the puck, of course he gets dangerous. « </ p "He's dominant. That's what stands out most when he's got the puck. It's hard to take it from him. He sees the ice really well, he shoots the puck. If he's walking like this, you can't do a lot to stop him. He's so big. The way he wears the puck you can tell he's really confident. All along the line you can say they have some chemistry and work well together. "

“The movement creates the deception. Our experience coaching this group shows that they are best when their game is instinctive. We’re not the kind of power game that works well when we’re stagnant and stationary. When the puck moves and people move, they see it and they get so much out of it. There was a lot of exchange of positions, the puck was moving. They put pucks in the net. Then they did the little things, took back pucks and things that are so crucial to the success of a power game. Obviously a big goal for us as the game progresses. « 

 » When (Güntzel) got it, I just tried to open up and be in a shooting position. They just want to go online. Obviously you are trying to choose the corner. But you don’t want to miss the net when you’re this low and start the breakout (for the opposition) the other way. I just tried to put it on the short side there and luckily it squeaked through there. … you’re just trying to make sure you get online. You don’t want to miss it and let it go the other way. « 

 » I’m just tracking the puck much better. I hold it between my shoulders and hold it in the middle. That helped me a lot just staying in front of the pucks and making myself as tall as possible and just trying to get as many pucks into my chest as possible. « 

Seth Rorabaugh is a contributor to the Tribune Review. You can contact Seth by email at [email protected] or on Twitter.

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