World news – EN – Zodiac signs: which elements go well together?


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We all know that some signs are more compatible with each other than others, and so are the elements Four groups of three signs are governed by the same element and because of this they have similar traits What do the elements look like and which elements are compatible with each other?

The elements are a key part of astrology and can help you understand how you react to situations and people

For example, Leo and Aquarius are considered to be soul mate signs, as are Taurus and Scorpio.

They like stability and therefore are keen to work and earn a living, and to follow the rules

Earth signs may be too concerned about security that they become too ambitious, materialistic, and too narrow-minded

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They feel the need to communicate what is important to them and want to make a positive change in the world

In the zodiac wheel, each earth sign is opposite a water sign and each air sign is opposite a fire sign

Because opposites attract, Earth signs tend to get along with water signs and air signs work well with fire signs

Think about oxygen and fire, you can’t start a fire without oxygen and remove the oxygen extinguishes the fire

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News from the world – EN – Zodiac signs: Which elements go well together?


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