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World news – England, Southgate could dominate the euro with any of these ten unique XIs

Release date: Thursday, March 25, 2021, 6:55 am – Matthew Stead

England could certainly dominate the euro with Harry Kane and John Stones. But her tenth possible one-of-a-kind XI shows Dominic Solanke, so da

Gareth Southgate would forgive sacking everything, albeit in his incredibly gentle and gracious manner, considering how many English footballers actually exist. There are bloody loads from them. Ten, possibly hundreds. There are entire leagues full of weirdos, and he has to choose 20 of them at times throughout the year, knowing that absolutely everyone will tear his decisions to pieces.

He didn’t help himself when he kept talking to Jake Livermore called but in general he does a good job of picking players based on form and how they’ve worked for him previously, not who they play for at the club level.

To emphasize how deep – or shallow – its pool of options is, some fools thought it a good idea to estimate the ten possible starting XIs from Southgate in England without ever naming a player more than once.

Injuries don’t come in the equation. Players who have retired from international service are not counted, nor are those who have at least officially signed up to other countries. Let us know who we have inevitably and unforgivably forgotten in the comments since the eighth XI. Don’t make us feel bad about Harrison Reed.

Could be totally wrong, but it seems like Team Southgate will start at the Euros if they start tomorrow (not beyond UEFA) and everyone is available. There is talk of giving up formations with three opponents to make room for another of his numerous attacking options and that hiatus will soon reveal the validity of that, but it got them to the World Cup semi-finals three years ago it seems enjoy the familiarity and security. This starting grid is similar to the one that went so well in 2018, which is humorous considering how far the national team is said to have come since then.

This page would certainly be easier on the eye given the combined destructive elegance of Grealish and Foden Calvert-Lewin plays off while James and Saka bomb from the wings. It also underscores how far Bellingham has come that his inclusion only seems ordinary. That defense and goalkeeper would probably be a different kind of fun.

England are ridiculously strong in the wing / full-back positions. With all of the complaints about Alexander-Arnold’s recent omission, this is perhaps the biggest clue that Southgate has no intention of reinstating a back four. Three center-backs keep Coady under control, with Keane and Konsa particularly unfortunate to miss. The midfield can sure get a pass for a pretty decent front three.

The lack of depth in the central midfield is slowly coming to the fore, while attack and defense are still doing reasonably well under all circumstances. Chelsea throwing Tomori away could be fun forever.

That defense just happens to smell like Brighton, which probably means the really decent quintet of players ahead of them got an xG in three consecutive 0-0 group stage draws of 427.

The championship finally begins with Swansea center-back Guehi, whose parent club is apparently Chelsea. He has 51 English youth caps and is part of the newest U21 squad together with the wonderful McNeil. These full-backs are still holding their own with the strikers. This central midfield would be extremely annoying.

And this central midfield would neither pass nor shoot, just dribble. There’s something about this team that makes a football manager scream in front of Europa League hopefuls, Plymouth, at the start of the 2026-27 season.

Stop laughing at Mawson and remember Southgate has him in March 2018 called. And if you really believe that Chalobah is ever out of the picture, then you are profoundly mistaken. Phillips would be very busy here, much to his delight.

It could honestly be generous to put Wan-Bissaka as high as a ninth unique English team. Southgate is clearly not too interested and an appointment with DR Congo may be on the horizon. Richards, on the other hand, will likely get a chance at some point when he settles with Bayern Munich this summer. Elliott also feels like an international in the waiting.

Gibson was named to an English squad in March 2017. He will join the promoted Norwich and be back on the conversation. Maybe he can join Solanke with a real cap. I’m not sure things went according to plan for Williams.

« If I allowed Harry to make that decision, he’d be playing any minute … That won’t happen. »

« The only thing we are clear about is that we agree on everything we do. If there were any doubts, we would probably take our knee. »

Gareth Southgate has called for England to be ruthless when it comes to San Marino on Thursday …

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It’s an international break. Why shouldn’t we rate all 23 Premier League managers this season from worst to best?

Gareth Southgate and Jose Mourinho despise each other if you believe the papers.

Lingard chose West Ham despite having numerous offers from abroad and from England.

What’s more fun than predicting an England XI? Obviously naming ten without involving a player more than once.

It’s an international break. Why shouldn’t we rate all 23 Premier League managers this season from worst to best?

Gareth Southgate and Jose Mourinho despise each other if you believe the papers.

Newcastle fans have had enough of being told things could get worse and they expect too much.

United has two CBs in mind that have an interesting idea to lower one of their ratings. Plus Kane is out.

Ref: https://www.football365.com


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