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Axl Rose of the band Guns N ‘Roses appears on stage, clad in a white tank top and bike shorts, a baseball cap on the back and lots of bracelets, 1992.

Erin Everly is the ex-wife of Guns N Roses frontman Axl Rose. The former model, now 55 years old, made headlines for her relationship with the rocker in the early 1990s.

Decades later Rose is featured in the REELZ documentary Axl Rose: Guns N’Roses frontman, in which his relationship with Everly is being re-treated.

Erin Invicta Everly was born on November 8, 1965 in Los Angeles, California to singer Don Everly and his wife, actress Venetia Stevenson, according to IMDB. The celebrity couple also welcomed daughter Stacy and son Edan before divorcing in 1970.

Everly’s father was known as half of the 1950s rock and roll duo, the Everly Brothers, along with brother Phil The two topped the charts with hits « Bye Bye Love », « All I Have to Do is Dream », « Cathy’s Clown » and more.

After growing up in a celebrity family, Erin Everly worked as a Teen model and moved to New York City for a while. She has dated several celebrities including actor Donovan Leitch and actor David Arquette, but her most memorable relationship has been with Rose.

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Everly met Rose at a party in LA in 1986 when he was still a struggling rock musician. The two immediately formed a bond.

« It was the first relationship I had – I felt like we were two people who didn’t have much, but who had found each other, » Everly once revealed to the human being. « I was looking for someone to get married, have a few kids and a station wagon. »

She was the inspiration for Guns N Roses ‘1988 hit « Sweet Child O’ Mine », a rare power ballad on Appetite for destruction of the band. She also appeared in the music video for the MTV-enabled hit, along with a few other friends of the bandmates.

The unusually sentimental song described Everly’s smile and eyes and how she was Rose’s « sweet love of mine ».

The Clip won the MTV Music Video Award for best rock song in 1989, beating the contributions of Aerosmith, Def Leppard and Metallica. There were almost 2 billion views on YouTube.

The couple’s relationship was notoriously stormy. In his memoir, Rose’s bandmate Slash gave an example of an argument that took place at The Cathouse while GNR was filming the music video for the song « It’s So Easy. »

The shoot featured Everly in bondage gear and caught the attention of David Bowie, who was with Slash’s mother Ola Hudson at the time and was at the venue with her.

Later that night, Rare loudly beat Bowie on stage and threatened to kill him for being over Everly Everly and Rose dated a few years before getting married in Las Vegas, but the Rocky Union only lasted nine months. She filed a civil lawsuit against Rose in 1994 alleging she had physically and emotionally abused her throughout their marriage.

« They never knew what would trigger it, » she told People. She also admitted that she hadn’t left Rose earlier because she felt sorry for him and hoped things would « get better ».

Rose closed the civil suit by giving his ex an undisclosed sum per IMDB paid. The ex-marriage was also annulled.

In 2013 Everly cleaned the house thoroughly. The brunette beauty auctioned several items from her time with Rose, including candid photos, handwritten lyrics, letters, and even the former couple’s marriage certificate. The items were sold as part of the Julien auctions in « Icons and Idols 2013: Rock N’Roll », according to Rolling Stone.

In one letter, Rose tried to convince Everly of his loyalty, and in another he wrote bluntly: « To Erin – sorry, your birthday sucks, dear Axl. »

Everly also dumped some of Rose’s grunge-era flannels, including the one he featured in the band’s breakout video « Welcome to the Jungle » wore. The most valuable items for sale were the couple’s wedding video and marriage certificate.

Six years after her dissolution, Everly married businessman Jack Portman in the mid-1990s. The couple had three children together – a son, Easan in 1996, and daughters Eres and Esper in 2000 and 2009, respectively – before divorcing in 2006.

Everly now has a private life and appears on social media not being very active. She can be seen here with her children on Instagram.

« Erin has not been seen in public since 1990 and is a very proud and extremely protective parent. »

The message contained a thank you to curious followers for « All letters and inquiries », however, demanded « for the benefit of her children and relatives » that Everly’s « privacy and the desire for a normal provincial life for her children be respected. ”

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