World news – Ex Swans rookie Elijah Taylor banned from AFL after beating up his girlfriend


Published: 12:19 GMT, March 19, 2021 | Updated: 05:52 GMT, March 20, 2021

Sacked footy star Elijah Taylor was banned from the AFL in 2021 after being convicted of assaulting his girlfriend.

19-year-old Taylor was fined $ 5,000 in Perth Magistrates Court and torn his contract with Sydney Swans after pleading guilty to assaulting then-girlfriend Lekahni Pearce last September.

He hit wife Pearce repeatedly hit her on the back with a belt during the attack.

The AFL has now banned him from playing at the highest level of the sport for the remainder of the 2021 season – although he will be in one from May 15 Reserve or second team class.

« Violence against women in any form is abhorrent and we strongly condemn it, » said Andrew Dillon, AFL Executive General Manager Game Development, in a statement.

Young football lstar Elijah Taylor won’t be able to play for an AFL Premiership team in 2021, but he can play in the reserves if he enrolls in an « approved education and surveillance program ».

Mr Dillon said the penalty imposed was « the Reflecting the gravity of Taylor’s violation of AFL rules and values ​​ »- but he pointed out a way back to the top for the freshman.

 » There is a way for Taylor’s return to football in time that is his regrets and reflects the continued positive impact of his participation in a football program. « 

In addition to being allowed to play for a team in the 2021 AFL Premiership season, he cannot play for a state or even community AFL until June 1st. Competition.

« But [he] may play in reserves / second team tier on and from May 15, 2021. »

But in order to be able to play again in May, Taylor would « have to attend an approved training and attend surveillance program and this s « before playing a competitive game.

Taylor attacked Ms. Pearce on September 13, 2020 and was immediately resigned by the Swans before being sacked.

Elijah Taylor was eliminated from the 2021 Premiership season exiled but also received a lifeline from a cautious AFL

He has already been suspended from the Swans after sneaking Ms. Pearce into the Swans AFL Quarantine Center at Joondalup Resort in Perth in August.

Taylor, the nephew of former AFL star who became Channel Seven’s commentator Brian Taylor played four games for the Swans in 2020 after being drafted from Western Australia.

He made his AFL debut in the loss of Swans versus the Gold Coast Suns at SCG.

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