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According to Formula 1’s Director of Media Rights, the biggest update to F1 TV since its inception will ensure a more stable offering for viewers in the US and worldwide.

An overhaul of F1 TV Pro will hit the 85 territories – including the United States, Canada and Mexico, as well as new locations in Brazil, the Czech Republic and Slovakia – and this season will offer enhanced technology. The previous version, released in 2018, had numerous issues, but according to Holmes it was paramount to offer a more consistent product to fans.

« It was certainly not as stable as we would have liked, we are with these Experience not alone, « said Holmes. “I think it has definitely improved. In fact, it has definitely improved. When we decided what it would look like and what would be in it, we were aggressive in our desire to really make sure it was as good as possible from a content perspective.

« To get it from the linear television experience what was required for the 20 onboards, it had to be able to personalize and interact between the various feeds, pit lane channel, etc., etc. It’s a different viewing experience than this sit back, big screen for interaction, whether on a tablet or mobile device with a description.

« So we were aggressive in our desire that there was a lot of content to begin with contains – I don’t mean content in terms of ours, I mean in terms of functionality – and that made it technically challenging.  » But there is no point just starting it with the international feed and maybe a thing or two. It would be just like the TV feed and there would be no point in doing it. So we did this with open eyes and worked very, very hard to improve it. Hopefully with version two you will see that this instability is fixed. “

Holmes explains that technical challenges had to be overcome to enable F1 TV to run smoothly for users in different areas. In the US, it ranks alongside traditional ESPN broadcasting, but in certain countries only those who subscribe to the broadcaster will also get access to F1 TV Pro, while non-broadcast subscribers are limited to the smaller version of F1 TV Access.

“Version two has a lot of new elements, some of which we hope will be very visual – the overall user experience, how it looks and how it works, should come through for the viewer. There are a lot of things in the background that we hope will improve stability, and there is another important element in version 2 that helps us be agile in how we get the product to market. p> « You can’t just put this product in the service of someone else – they have to be able to talk to each other. Using the Ziggo example, the system needs to know that I’m a Ziggo subscriber and therefore entitled to F1, for example TV on the Dutch market. These systems need to talk to each other. Certainly some of the technical elements of the development will support this and improve our ability to be a little more nuanced when working with other technical platforms.

« I think the most important ones Aspects of the second version are definitely the improved user experience, the improved appearance and also the quality of the feed – it will effectively be UHD – the ability to Put it on the big screen, all of those things. ”Equally important to the user experience, however, is the technology that allows us to be more agile about working with other technical platforms. “

While studying sports journalism at the University of Central Lancashire, Chris managed to win the 2008 British Grand Prix and stayed for three years before joining ESPN F1 as Assistant Editor. After three years at ESPN, after a time as F1 editor at the Crash Media Group, the main task was to start the English language website of and to run it as editor.
Present at every race since the beginning of 2014, he has further expanded his freelance portfolio and worked with international titles. In addition to writing for RACER, he also works for BBC 5Live and Sky Sports in the UK, as well as titles in Japan and the Middle East.

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