World news – Fantasy Football Week 2 Rankings: Who to add, who to start, and who is already on thin ice


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Your initial reaction to Week 1 of the NFL season is going to be to overreact. Don’t worry, it’s natural; it happens to everyone. Even seasoned Fantasy football analysts. We go seven months without watching football, and after an offseason filled with coaching changes, QB moves, and « Best Shape Of My Life » fluff pieces, your inclination is to treat Week 1 as this monumentally important event that will define how the entire season plays out. 

It isn’t. Or, at least, it won’t be for everyone. Sure, Week 1 sometimes tells us what the rest of the season is going to look like, such as when Lamar Jackson went off for five touchdowns or Michael Gallup had 150-plus yards ahead of their 2019 breakouts. But just as often, it’s a red herring: Think of Marlon Mack’s league-leading 174 rushing yards, or Sammy Watkins’ 198-yard, three-touchdown masterpiece a year ago, and how those didn’t exactly lead to either dominating the rest of the way. 

Sometimes, Week 1 is just another week. Players have good and bad weeks. They have good and bad matchups; sometimes games just go sideways. Just because it happened at the beginning of the season doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more meaningful than any other week. Separating what you can believe from what you can’t is vital.

Because, of course, you can’t afford not to react to Week 1. You can never afford to be passive in Fantasy football. It’s a tough balance to strike, and it’s hard enough to keep up with everything that’s going on around 16 games, which is why I like to reach out to the Fantasy Football Today team to guide me. Every week on Tuesday morning, we do a survey on some of the biggest storylines and rankings dilemmas of the week. Here’s what we are reacting to from Week 1 — and what we might even be over-reacting to. 

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