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Over the years, whenever the India and Australia cricket teams competed against each other in Test cricket there were some exceptional batting shows that became part of the cricket folklore.

As Virat Kohli’s men prepare to defend the Border-Gavaskar Cup in a series of four Tests next month, take a look at some of the best batting shows in the first India-Australia duo series dating back to 1947-48. The Indian team, led by Lalla Amarnath, suffered a crushing defeat 0-4 against Don Bradman.

After defeating by a wide margin of 233 points in the third Test, India still has a chance to win the remaining two Tests to avoid a series defeat. But that was a huge request from Amarnath against the Australians, who were the better team in all respects.

In Adelaide, Australia scored 674 points in its first run, riding Bradman 201 and 198 rather than Lindsay Hassett.

When the Indians battled, they made a shocking start to their roles, losing two wickets for only six runs. However, they fought well from this precarious position, to add 127 extra runs, albeit at the expense of three wickets.. At 133 versus five wickets, their stance wasn’t very encouraging.

However, the right batsman Vijay Hazari entered alone. He and Dato Vadkar added 188 runs in the sixth wicket. Fadkar contributed a fine of 123. However, the man who was the center of attraction was Hazare, who broke into the classic and orthodox 116. His 303 ball hit included 14 limits that left even the Australian players mesmerized.

India was eventually assembled 381 times, succeeding 293 times, and Bradman asked to follow.

The Indians had a worse start on their second rounds, losing two wickets with no runs. At the time, Hazary played roles until Bradman was overshadowed 201. Hazari faced 372 balls, of which he collected 145 assists with 17 strokes.

Thanks to that century, he became the first Indian hitter to score a century in every round of a Test Match. India eventually knocked out with 277 and lost the pre-round match and 16 points. However, these special roles of Hazare are said to have cemented India’s reputation as well as its reputation.

Bradman’s « Invincibles » domination continued in their fifth and final Test match in Melbourne as well. Australia declared 575th for eight wickets in their first innings, with Neil Harvey scoring 153 and William Brown marking his centenary through solitary sprinting..

Mankad, who had already caused major controversy when Bill Brown ran out on his second Test in Sydney, grabbed the headlines once again. This time for his hitting skills, though.

After India lost Chandu Sarawat’s opening match by just three games on the board, Mankad, who opened the roles with him, took on the role-revival mantle with Himo Adhikari and saved the team from the crisis. They added 124 to the second wicket, before Adhikari dropped to 38, scored from 202 balls and contained a solo end..

Fresh from his previous tournaments in matches, Hazary came out on the racket after that, and was aptly backed by Mankad who went on to score into the second century of the series. After playing the 111-minute-built hit for five hours, which was studded with only six borders, Mankad became a victim of Sam Luxton..

The tourists set off in the pool for 331 and on the second rounds, and were asked to continue. In the second half, India knocked out 67 in 24. 2 times and lost the game from innings and 177 points.

In the first Test of the Series of Five Matches, which were held in Brisbane from November 28 to December 4, Bradman scored 185 brilliantly. He piled up the run and misery on the Indian shooters, who almost vainly on the pitch that hadn’t supported them.. . He established partnerships with other batsmen, and even when he ran out of partners, he « demoralized the shooters by punishing tactics that brought sprinting at a great rate ».

On the second day, it was only possible to play one hour due to the rain, and Australia went during that period without losing a wicket and added another 36 points.. 11,000 people turned up to watch the play today.

The third day saw another wave of rain and Bradman, after playing the roles of a 285-minute marathon, was knocked out of the bowling game Lalla Amarnath, who had four wickets in the innings.. Australia announced its first rounds in 382 for eight wickets, then knocked out India for 58 and 97 in the two rounds to win the match with a round and 226 points.. .

Not only did Australia win the series 4-0, but Bradman beat it all by accumulating 715 points in 178. 75 in six innings from five auditions. The second highest scorer was Hazari, who scored 429 goals in 47. 67 in 10 innings from five matches. Although these are individual statistics, they indicate the vast difference between the two teams.

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World News – AU – India vs Australia Flashback: when Don Bradman’s Powerful Gang Crushed India team 0-4



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