World news – Flyers receive the expected Power Play production from van Riemsdyk


After signing a huge five-year $ 35 million deal in the 2017/18 off-season, James van Riemsdyk was right to give hope to the Philadelphia Flyers fans and their fans looking for a goalscorer, da van Riemsdyk A top free agent this off-season was who emerged from a career season with 36 goals, 11 of them in power play.

The problem is when GMs hand out large contracts to players who are expected to perform and not immediately. This leads to people overreacting in much the same way that a young star player who gets drawn high in the first round doesn’t live up to expectations.

Scorers can be streaky, and Van Riemsdyk is no exception as he is has already played numerous games without scoring. Despite battling injuries and long periods of drought, the 31-year-old is still a driving force behind orange and black.

Since the New Jersey native signed back in Philadelphia; van Riemsdyk, the team that got him second overall in the 2007 NHL Draft, didn’t get the praise he deserves and it has largely to do with his contract. His AAV is a $ 7 million cap hit, which certainly isn’t very cap-friendly, but that doesn’t mean « JVR » is playing badly.

Since returning to the Flyers, he has overall Scored 46 goals – 27 in 2018-19 and 19 in 2019-20 – and 42 assists – 21 assists in 2018-19 and 2019-20 – for a total of 88 points in the last two seasons. He’s already got seven points in seven games this year, including five goals and four power play hits.

For those who enjoy their stats, JVR was a minus-10 despite having scored 48 points in 2018/19. He did much better last year as he was a plus-5 with 40 points. During his six years in Toronto, van Riemsdyk scored a total of 88 power play points in 413 games, including 45 goals. These are the numbers Flyers fans are hoping for.

According to NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Jordan Hall, the Flyers have been 42-13-5 since van Riemsdyk’s return in 2018 if he records at least one point. Hall also pointed out that the « streaky » goalscorer has been bitten by snakes over the years. Here’s how.

In its first seven games last year, JVR shot 35 shots and had no points. He’s only got 20 shots this year, but he’s got seven points and five goals.

« He’s got really, really soft hands and a very good grade. He can make the games from scratch, which is really important « Jake Voracek said in November 2018 about JVR impossible angles. He gives the goalkeepers a little more respect. As if standing in front of the net, a foot away from the pad, I won’t lift it anywhere, but it will. He’s a great body in front of the net, he’s a great player who can score goals. Obviously we missed him over time, especially on power play. He’s a really smart player on the net and he will help us a lot. « 

That was exactly the kind of player he was in the Flyers’ 5-3 win over the New Jersey Devils on Tuesday night, when van Riemsdyk scored two powerplay goals. Both are online. The good news this season is that van Riemsdyk has already reached his season power play points from last season with four points, it took him 66 games to get there. He is currently one point per player, at a pace of 56 points.

Over time, JVR, who is in his 12th and sixth seasons with Philadelphia, will continue to show why he’s still an effective player in the NHL when the draft expansion for the Seattle Kraken takes place this June , don’t be surprised to hear Van Riemsdyk’s name being mentioned as he would be a key player for the 32nd team in the league, especially where he is at his best on the power play.

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