World news – France closes borders with non-EU countries to limit the spread of Covid-19


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FRANCE is due to close its borders to people arriving from outside the European Union starting tomorrow to stop the spread of new variants of the coronavirus.

Prime Minister Jean Castex announced the measure last night after a government health security meeting in Presidential Palace and warned of a « great risk » of the new variants.

All those traveling from other EU countries must present a negative Covid-19 test, he said.

France will also be starting tomorrow close all major shopping malls and restrict travel to and from its overseas territories.

Castex ordered increased police controls against those who break the 12-hour curfew in France, hold secret parties or reopen restaurants, despite one Closing order in effect since October.

Viral infections, hospital admissions, and deaths have been steady but not severe in the past few weeks Many doctors have called for a new nationwide shutdown, as has been imposed in several other European countries.

Castex said the measures are an attempt to avoid the economic costs of a third lockdown.

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Quoting the economic devastation of such measures, Castex said, « Our duty is to do whatever we can to avoid another lockdown and the days ahead will be crucial.

Currently, more than 60% of the Intensive care beds occupied by coronavirus patients. France has reported more than 75,000 deaths, the seventh highest in the world.

The Czech Republic also bans foreigners entry for non-essential reasons in order to contain the pandemic.

Exceptions to the ban are those who work or do in the country to study. Trips to the country to visit relatives and nursing homes, get medical care, and attend weddings and funerals are also allowed.

The ban is part of a series of new restrictive measures that tighten the country’s lockdown. </ In early January, the daily surge in coronavirus cases in the country gradually declined after hitting a record high of nearly 18,000 on Jan. 6. However, the numbers did not go down enough and started to rise again this week.

The government is also concerned about the potential impact of the contagious UK variant on the health system, which has been under serious pressure for months.

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