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Somehow we are already in April â ???? a bit hard to believe, but not too surprising given all the happenings in our great region.

Of course we come in for the long Easter weekend; The time of chocolate and family with just a hint of COVID as it has become the relative norm these days.

While it is good news that Easter is good, it is important that we all … as a community â ???? Follow the latest advice and in Mackay that means keeping masks nearby and wearing them when necessary.

Like you, we’re here at the Daily Mercury for the latest information on the statewide COVID situation and how it applies to Mackay and the surrounding region.

Our journalists will work all weekend to bring you the latest news so you can stay up to date wherever you are. As always, keep an eye on your inbox, our Facebook page or our website.

For those readers who enjoy our digital edition, a little reminder, there won’t be any for Good Friday tomorrow.

But rest assured that a snapshot of the latest news will be curated and published in the digital edition on Saturday morning.

I had an email this week from a reader asking for letters to be sent to the editor was asked and whether we have still published it. The answer is definitely yes.

We appreciate what you have to say and I am sure there are many people out there who would like to hear your views on things in your patch. Please forward them. We post letters to the editor when they are received. The more we get, the more we can publish.

And it has never been easier to submit? online via the website here or by email at [email protected] or directly to me or editor Rae Wilson.

We’re especially excited to hear from people about our Heroes Campaign hub and what you think should be part of the plans to revive the Mackay RSL and develop a wellness retreat at Kinchant Dam for our veterans.

Reporter Heidi Petith has provided some powerful stories from veterans, their families and organizations about why we need to support those who served on the front lines. either as soldiers for their countries or as first responders for their communities.

Australia’s oldest Victoria Cross recipient Keith Payne and his family shared their story, and the veterans hub is supported by one of the most decorated Australians in Sir Peter Cosgrove . Check out the stories here.

The RSL Revival is part of ReNew Mackay’s plan to transform the Mackay Waterfront, and well-known singer Toni Childs will be in Mackay on May 2nd for a benefit concert in support of PTSD Frontline and its mission for Kinchant Waters.

These are all things the community should leave behind, and we will continue to campaign for this very worthy project.

When we come at Easter, let’s hope you have a safe and fun time doing whatever you have planned, be it camping, travel, or staying close to home.

When on the road, be safe. Be aware of the Fatal Five. Let us not have more tragedies on our roads and highways. The police will patrol and take action against bad driver behavior.


Police allegedly found ice cream and marijuana in a vehicle that the two men, aged 39 and 28, were driving.

Local faces

A Mackay retiree had no idea. what her father endured until she saw documentaries decades later.


The company confirmed that ASIC had participated in its coal mine in central Queensland on Monday.


Two friends of Mackay learned the results of an 18-month battle for Native American rights after illegally killing a turtle for a wedding party.


Hub for Our Heroes: The Mackay teacher behind the Lest We Forget project says the proposed RSL club will encourage resurgent interest in military history


While he was 45 and 46 years old, he worked as a « Go-Fer ». for a Mackay Drug Kingpin. Now he’s paying the price.


The final mandate for the proposed project has been published.

Council news

The council indicates how many of the perpetrators are considered …


What the weather has in store for the long Easter weekend with wind speeds …


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