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Online celeb Daniel Avidan of Game Grumps and Ninja Sex Party has been accused of grooming young fans, as reported on a now viral Reddit thread.

Daniel Avidan, 42, has long been up the Game Grumps channel, where he plays video games and makes a comment with the animator and colleague YouTuber Arin Hanson.

The two of them went through Game Grumps together for many years after JonTron left in 2013. Avidan’s comedy band Ninja Sex Party has achieved great success over the years alongside their work with Game Grumps.

However, on March 21, a number of allegations against the singer / YouTuber came to light, like on a viral Reddit -Thread published. The thread contains links to various videos and text messages between Avidan and an allegedly younger fan.

One of the videos shows Dan near a two-seat hot tub and tells the person receiving the clip that he « wished. » « You would be here to record the other one ».

This video allegedly followed a request from Daniel to the recipient to tell him how she would enjoy spending time in the hot tub with him.

That Reported victims also claimed she started texting Dan while she was a minor, and by the time she came of age their conversations began to turn to a sexual nature.

This allegedly led her to meet at a live -Game Grumps show allegedly involving sexual activity. A few weeks later, the victim claimed that all contact with Avidan had ceased completely.

This understandably led to a series of outrage and emotional reactions from fans who reached out on social media about their shock and sadness according to the screenshots and videos shared.

Both Arin Hanson and Avidan have not yet released an official response on the matter at the time of writing.

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