World news – Garbage truck accident kills boys in Tasmania


A four-year-old boy has died after being hit by a garbage truck while riding his bike in front of his suburban home in northern Tasmania.

Ambulance services were alerted to the crash in the Launceston suburb of Wednesday at around 12:15 p.m. Newnham’s attention.

« We’re not sure how this tragic circumstance happened, » Tasmania Police Inspector Ruth Orr told reporters.

There were members of the boy’s family, including his mother at home at the time, said Insp Orr.

The police will speak to the truck driver and examine the footage captured by a camera on the vehicle.

« The truck driver was exceptionally shocked and I suggest , in shock, « said Insp Orr.

The National Heavy Vehicle Inspectorate and Health and Safety Authorities at Work are involved in ongoing investigations.