World news – GB – ABBA members: Has any of the ABBA members remarried?


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ABBA consisted of Benny Andersson, Agnetha Fältskog, Anni-Frid Lyngstad – or Frida, and Björn Ulvaeus Unlike most pop groups, there were two couples who adored each other until they broke up, which resulted in ended the group with him Then the group got together a few times, but what happened with their love life?

Every ABBA member remarried, although only the men remained with their second partner

Frida met her third husband, Prince Heinrich Ruzzo Reuss of Plauen, after leaving Sweden and moving to London

They married in 1992 but just 7 years later, in 1999, he died of cancer, making her the Dowager Countess of Plauen to this day

Before marrying Benny, Frida was married to Ragnar Fredriksson, to whom she was married for six years, but they divorced in 1970

They had two children, Hans Ragnar and Ann Lise-Lotte, the second of whom died in a car accident in 1998

This means that the end of the 1990s would have been a very difficult time for Frida, given that she would have lost her daughter and her husband within two years

As for the men in the group, Björn married Lena Källersjö in 1981, a year after his divorce from Agnetha, which likely didn’t help the group revitalize itself in their later years.

Like Björn, Benny also remarried in 1981 to Mona Nörklit, which would probably also have caused problems given that his break-up with Frida was much less friendly, according to reports from Agnetha and Björn

The group officially broke up in 1982, which suggests that these new marriages may have been difficult for the group to endure

Before the group’s official formation, Agnetha married Björnin in 1971, while in 1978 Anni-Frid married Benny, with whom she had been in a relationship since 1969

These relationships brought the band together early on and lasted pretty much throughout the band’s success

However, things quickly turned sour and the band struggled to continue creating as there were difficulties and divisions in their marriages

Björn and Agnetha divorced in 1979, while Benny and Frida announced their divorce two years later, in 1981

Despite these breakups, the group has been in the recording studio for the past several years, suggesting that a full reunion might be in sight rather than just through their holograms, the Abbatars

Their new partners or marriages don’t seem to have hindered this project, which means good things for ABBA fans when it comes to the new material

Hopefully once the pandemic is over fans will finally find out about ABBA’s plans for the future, if there are any

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World News – GB – ABBA Members: Has any of the ABBA members remarried?



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