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World News – GB – Actress Janis Dardaris sues man accused of killing and beating his dogs

Janis Dardaris was out of town and left her two dogs with her sister Her sister's boyfriend took her keys and entered Dardaris' apartment, beating one and killing another

Posted: 7:12 AM EDT October 19, 2020 | Updated: 8:05 am EDT October 19, 2020

New York TV and film actress pursues man who allegedly beat one of her dogs to death and nearly killed a second by repeatedly kicking him

Janis Dardaris, who starred in The Sixth Sense, The Sopranos and Law & Order, had left her beloved pets with her sister as she ventured to South Carolina to star in a play

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She left her two Maltese dogs Frankie, 12, and Alex, 11, in her apartment, but allowed her sister to sit doggy style by giving her a set of keys

It is the sister’s boyfriend, Vincent Tang, 36, whom Dardaris accuses of perpetrating the brutal assaults on the animals which resulted in the death of one of them

Janis Dardaris was performing outside of town and left her two dogs with her sister

Her sister’s boyfriend collected his keys and entered Dardaris’ apartment He allegedly beat one of the small Maltese dogs to death and tortured another

In a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court, Dardaris accuses Tang of ‘brutally beating Alex to death before taking Frankie to the roof of the [Dardaris’] building, where he sadistically tortured Frankie for several minutes hitting it, throwing it, chasing it, and kicking the helpless dog several times’

Tang then took Frankie back to [Dardaris] apartment, where he left him to die, ”court documents reveal

A cell phone video was also taken by a neighbor living in a building across the street that shows a man, believed to be Tang, hunting and kicking a small, bullet-white dog , before snapping it in a step

‘The visceral feeling I get when I think about what happened – it’s like an ice pick in my heart It’s a nightmare,’ ‘Dardaris told the New York Post. p>

More than anything, Dardaris said she just wanted to know « why? » « Why did you come into my apartment and do this? » I want answers, ”she said in an interview

Tang is believed to have taken the keys from the dog sitter while she was out and entered Dardaris’ apartment, according to his lawyer

It wasn’t until the neighbor who saw the alleged assault take place that the police were called to the apartment building and Frankie was able to be taken to an animal hospital to save his life.

After the man was arrested, Dardaris’ friend went to her apartment to investigate and found « a little white dog curling up inside … and a second little white dog lying dead on the ground ‘

Frankie suffered ‘two skull fractures, two fractured ribs and a permanently damaged left eye,’ the criminal complaint says. He was hospitalized for 16 days

Janis Dardaris is known to love her dogs and regularly posts photos of them on social media

« It is unimaginable to me that something like this could happen and that someone could do it and create so much pain and sorrow in someone’s life, » she said.

« I wake up every night thinking about … the pain of thinking about what Alex went through doesn’t go away and Frankie, my dear little thing, how could that happen to you, » said Dardaris

Tang was arrested in November and charged in Manhattan Supreme Court with two counts of aggravated animal cruelty He could face up to two years in prison if convicted

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News from around the world – UK – Actress Janis Dardaris pursues man accused of killing and beating his dogs

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