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Russian Daniel Medvedev’s reaction came after he beat German Alexander Zverev in his men’s singles match on the second day of the ATP World Tour Finals at the O2 Arena in London on November 16, 2020. (Photo by Gly

Medvedev continues to focus on serving the match for love and achieving its first-ever victory at the end of the tournament on the fourth time of the question.. It was more consistent throughout and deserved spoils in 1 hour 29 minutes.

Russian Daniel Medvedev plays a forehand during his singles match against Alexander Zverev of Germany during the second day of the Nitto ATP World Tour Finals at The O2 Arena on November 16, 2020 in London, England

The 2018 champion insists his opponent sends victory. Carry from the devil. DM.

Cheeky? bold? Medvedev cartridges are in armpit service at 30-30 and end up cementing them. No one expected this surprising tactic. He is just one away from his first tournament win.

The Russian moves! Zverev memorizes one of two breakpoints, but he cannot reach the Devil’s sanctuary because he finally strikes an angled front blow into the grid after another march that drains energy.

Medvedev strikes a forehand kick after a short comeback and shouts himself « Come on! » Both players seem eager to let each other know when they have a big point. This was reported at 30-30 and Daniel duly from there. Tight and cautioned at this juncture.

Sasha takes 15 to 30 lows and has to be hanging hard from the Devil, but the clinical load ensures he stays ahead. Lots of fist pumping and shouts of support from the world number seven. He is desperate to raise his level here.

The worlds number four wins a fourth title and leads most exchanges again because it’s important for ergonomic levels.

« Come on! » That’s the roar of Zverev when he returned from 0-30 to maintain an early scoreboard advantage in Group 2. He still thinks there’s still a lot left in this match for him.

So much for a war of attrition. Medvedev rushes to the level of love in an instant.

These are two consecutive good states for Sasha and it bodes well for the rest of this match if that means he managed to achieve some rhythm.. The German gets a set of 2 starters of the kind he had hoped for after a weak opener from his point of view.

London, England – November 16: Russian Daniel Medvedev plays a forehand during his singles match against Alexander Zverev of Germany during the second day of the Nitto ATP World Tour Finals at The O2 Arena on November 16, 2020 in London, England. (Whole imaging

Medvedev follows suit, showing no tension as he controls the fist of love. He secures the group with a delightful ace after a 52-minute battle that blows the lung from baseline.

A rewarding question? Matrouh. For once, Zverev came to a halt with a little fuss. He has reached level 15 and it’s up to Daniel to try to finish Group 1 now.

Daniel continues to have the edge. He keeps doing it the hard way, but he’s definitely the best player so far this evening. He leads from 0 to 30, and ends the match on four points with a charming forehand kick on the streak.

It’s really a surprise to see two huge servants struggle to get any kind of easy grip on a solid indoor court. Once again, the world’s fourth seed applies some heat across three points of break. Zverev appears increasingly distracted by the opponent’s shot at him. In the end, the German gave the Russians a helping hand, unleashing a pair of double faults to drop the transmission again.

Just when you thought one of these classes was set for a routine suspension period. Medvedev is under pressure from 40 to 15 onwards and is designed to dig out of the Devil. Zverev soars with a long forehand with Medvedev stranded to the right of his court. He knows it was a great opportunity and he seems a little disappointed because he’s humping for so long on the next point. Danielle pushes the plate. An epic unfolds here. Only five games are played but have already over half an hour of play.

if you are unsuccessful at first . . . . Medvedev and Zverev are charging for those basic lines and it’s a true mix of sublime and, uh, not very sublime.. Medvedev poses all the questions but some unacceptable play means he must avoid five break points before he finally gains his seat when changing the ends from the Devil..

It’s Jekyll and Hyde from Zverev. Sparkles & stops baseline, cough up double imperfections ample pre-install for long time gift wrapping & instant break.

This is a great start from Germany. Medvedev feels some heat but appears in control when he trains Zverev directly in the net. Sasha responds with great court coverage to tempt the breaking point when Daniel’s too long. Then the Russian chooses the worst possible moment for his first double foul – and with it the game.

Zverev on the lack of fans at this year’s tournament: “It’s going to be tough, it’s going to be different, but I’m still looking forward to playing this beautiful stadium for the last time in the Nitto ATP Finals.. It will remain private.

Medvedev: I trust myself so I think he will help me here in London. In Paris, it all went together. I played tennis really well and it was hard to miss which is why I am at my best and that’s when it’s hard to beat.

Zverev leads the game 5-2, but Medvedev has won twice in the last three. He won his last match in the Paris Masters Final 5-7 6-4 6-1 earlier this month. . Zverev is ahead of him 2-1 in difficult internal confrontations.

FFT President Bernard Godicelli, winner from Russia Daniel Medvedev, finalist Alexander Zverev from Germany, Rolex Paris Masters director Guy Forge during the Cup after the men’s final

It’s almost time for more tennis in men’s singles. Global number seven and 2018 champion Zverev continues his thrilling rivalry with world number four, Daniel Medvedev.. . Players will be on the field from 20:00 GMT.

The world number one and five-time champion began his bid to win another title in the event with a landslide victory in straight sets. He sent 30 points on the third match point to win in just an hour and 18 minutes. Schwartzman made a bright start on his debut at this tournament, but faded badly as Djokovic moved through a few gears..

Some respite to Diego as he avoids the bread stick. The Joker will now serve in a largely runaway match with her.

Hero knits 5 times with routine fixation up to 15. He is one game away from winning.

The screaming wanders everywhere as Schwartzman hits him with a wide front blow to cough up the double fracture. Diego’s match was chosen separately since the late stages of the opening group where Djokovic rose to prominence.

Nole maintains his lead, once again overtaking Diego in a swift exchange of backhands. It also escapes another mess from a shot.

El Peque stops mold and climbs onto the board in group 2. The winner with false forwards and the first tournament in the competition adds the finishing touches to 15.

Serbinator supports the break with an adorable love fist. Schwartzman appears to be slightly resigned to the expected defeat.

It doesn’t look very good for Schwartzman now. Djokovic, 30-0 up, catches another breakout point from the Devil, before finishing it with an overhead shot..

The world number 1 and five-time champion recovered from an early moment to clinch the opening match to 30 in 42 minutes.

El Peque gives himself a lot to do when he fight back from 0 to 30, but it’s linked to trespassing.. Nol is unlucky at the first break point when his pass hits the net and bounces off, but then swings hard on his second chance before delivering a forward blow to Schwartzmann’s right wing.

The world number one places himself in a difficult position at the age of 15-30 with one of those weird shots he likes to try to throw. He responds nicely, as he hits a padded air ball on the net before a sharp frontal blow on the line sends the scoreboard in his favor. There have been some lovely baseline exchanges on this Mac, but you feel like Novak hasn’t really started yet.

Nol doubles as he beats Diego at 30-30, but the Argentine responds with a brutal forehand blow on the line before sending him brutally knocks him out of dribbling.

There is no risk of a third fracture in a row. Djokovic roars for simple love, ends the match with a clever shot in the net.

Diego’s disappointment. It cannot recover the break again because it oscillates in its transmission. A double foul delivers Nole two cherries, and Serbinator makes him count on second chance. Every square.

Wow, that wasn’t in the text! Diego, nicknamed El Peque (acronym in Spanish), shows Nole that he read early on his sending and that the Serbian coughed up a double mistake.. No. The 8th seed then misses an opportunity to break my opponent’s weak head, but hits two break points when Novak hits a cross angle into the net.. Doggear saves one by licking two lines, but fails when he steps into the net.

An important settler of Diego. He is shrugging off an impressive return winner from the world number one to mitigate the climb to the board while keeping 15.

Well that was simple and very brutal. The ace in the middle seals a quick love to start things off for the first seed.

Schwartzman on Djokovic: “It’s hard to think of something else, try to be better tactically, or try to win. You just have to walk around the field trying to play 100% and maybe if he’s not on his best day then you’ll have some chances. But the first match is always difficult for every player, so I hope to get chances in the match and for sure I’ll try to take advantage of them..

Novak on Diego: “Diego is doing well this year, it was the best season of his life, he deserves to be a part of this tournament.. I have a lot of respect for him, he is a fierce competitor (and) one of the fastest players on the tour.

The Joker has the match 5-0. Their last meeting was in the final of the Roma Masters in September when the Serbs scored a 7-5, 6-3 victory. It was Nol’s fifth title at the Italian Open.

Good evening. It was finally time to kick off the first solo event on Day Two of the 2020 ATP Tour Finals. For the first time in the Tokyo 1970 group, he is the best player and five-time winner, Novak Djokovic against debutante Diego Schwartzman..

World number one Novak Djokovic will meet Diego Schwartzman of Argentina in the first match of today 14:00 UK time. .

The evening event sees US Open finalist Alexander Zverev confronts Daniel Medvedev in a repeat of the Paris Masters final, which the Russian won in a wonderful way. . This is from 20:00.

Mr. Novak Djokovic will be in court today. Yesterday, he won the trophy for being the first in the world in 2020. It is the sixth time that the Serbian has achieved this milestone.

Rafael Nadal expressed his satisfaction with his performance after he opened his ATP Finals campaign by winning straight sets over debutante Andrei Rublev on Sunday.. .

On the first day of the 2020 ATP Finals, defending champion Stefanos Tsitsipas meets Dominic Tim from 14:00 UK time, then in the evening Rafael Nadal faces Andrey Rublev from 20:00.

The eight players competing in this year’s ATP Finals are Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Dominic Thiem, Daniel Medvedev, Stefanos Tsetsipas, Alexander Zverev, Andrei Rublev and Diego Schwartzman.

Qualification for this year is based on the ATP rankings (excluding points earned in last year’s ATP Finals) rather than the « Race to London » rating due to the tumultuous season.

Tsitsipas is the defending champion after beating Tim in the 2019 Final. However, the Greek suffers from a leg injury that may affect his chances in London.

Tim also suffered blisters during the Vienna Open last month while Nadal and Djokovic suffered surprise defeats in their last matches.. .

The tournament will take place at the O2 Arena in London from 15 November to 22 November, and the draw for the group stage will be held on 12 November.. .

There will be two singles matches each day before the semi-finals on Saturday 21 November and the final on Sunday 22 November.

The eight singles players are divided into two groups of four, with each player facing his opponent in the three group and the first two of each group qualifying for the semi-finals. . The ranking is determined by the number of wins and if the players are tied this is determined by their live record.

Rublev, winner of five titles in 2020, and Schwartzman, will compete in the finals for the first time. There will be four players aged 24 and under for the second year in a row.

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World News – GB – ATP Finals Day Two as it happened – Medvedev and Djokovic in great shape


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