World news – GB – Barry McGuigan and Karl Frampton settled their legal dispute by millions of pounds


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The case, which began in September and saw evidence presented for 19 days, was due to be appealed today.

Mr Frampton is suing McGuigan and his organization Cyclone Promotions for allegedly withholding up to £ 6 million in profits from some of his fights across America, Northern Ireland and England.

Mr. McGuigan then launched a countermeasure alleging that the 33-year-old had breached his contract when he resigned from the promotion in August 2017

Frampton represented Barry and Son Blain for eight years, during which time he became twice world champion in two divisions.

Former world champion McGuigan said he was satisfied with the result.

He said, “We are satisfied with this settlement and I believe that I and my family can now move forward after a very difficult time in our personal lives.”

“We are pleased that this lawsuit has ended. We feel that the mutual understanding between us and Karl Frampton will work for the benefit of both parties.

“We will now focus exclusively on what we do best instead of spending time and money in the courtroom”

Frampton tweeted: “I am delighted to announce that I have settled all of my legal claims against Barry McGuigan, Blain McGuigan, Sandra McGuigan and the Cyclone Promotions

“The terms of the settlement are confidential between the parties and the court, but I can say that I am very happy with them, and I welcome the fact that the legal dispute is now over.

“The legal dispute started in 2017 when McGuigans and Cyclone Promotions issued against me in London

“The past three and a half years have been difficult of course but it is necessary and I would like to express special thanks to attorneys John Finucane and Advisors to Gavin Millar QC, Peter Girvan BL and Seamus McIlroy BL for their work in introducing the terms of the settlement I am happy with.”

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Barry McGuigan, Carl Frampton, Boxing

World News – GB – Barry McGuigan and Karl Frampton settle their legal dispute by millions of pounds


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