World News – GB – Blizzard workers in France called to strike for the closure of the Versailles office


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Blizzard employees in France prepare to strike over company decision to close Versailles office

Less than two weeks ago, Bloomberg announced that the developer of World of Warcraft would completely shut down its Versailles site, which handles marketing, customer support and localization, among other things, after the relocation project failed. of employees in London due to Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic

In a statement to Gamasutra, Blizzard indicated its intention to « reorganize its activities » in Versailles and informed its staff representatives of the proposed project

Following this announcement, the workers of the Versailles office are called to strike by their elected unions to « defend our jobs and save our company »

The strike call, circulating on social media, claims 285 people are at risk of losing their jobs and alleges Blizzard may have ulterior motives for wanting to end operations in France and move to the UK United

“As you know, after having repeatedly denied the closure plans to both employees and the French administration, management has just announced its willingness to implement a clearly thought-out plan to stop all activities in France by cutting 285 jobs « , we read in the document » It is a shock for the employees who did not expect this announcement

« In these times of COVID crisis, it is inconceivable to send 285 people to a booming job market In less than 2 years, management cut 133 jobs in 209 with the canceled INDIGO plan in court (as requested by your representatives), then tried in March 2020 to cut even more jobs with the GEMINI project, but had to give up

« The closure of the French company, supposed to preserve the competitiveness in a group which is already at the forefront of its industry, seems all the more absurd as the video game industry has suffered less than many others from the COVID-19 crisis, and even benefited from the periods of childbirth which increased their overall income

« The desire to avoid European tax rules by creating an ABK hub far from Europe in London seems a more likely explanation »

Unions demand that Blizzard roll back plan to shutdown and strive to create a more positive work environment We have reached out to the company for comment

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News from around the world – GB – Blizzard workers in France called to strike for the closure of the Versailles office


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