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A British Airways Boeing 747 in Spain caught fire, according to pictures on social media. The aircraft appears to be G-CIVD, one of the 747s currently in Spain after the guy is eliminated from the British Airways fleet.

British Airways began accelerating the shutdown of its Boeing 747 fleet earlier this year as passenger demand fell sharply worldwide. As a result, aircraft have been taken to locations across Europe to be scrapped, preserved, or even turned into movie props. G-CIVD, the aircraft believed to have caught fire, last flew on Jan.. August with a ferry to Castellon.

Um incêndio atingiu um Boeing 747-400 (G-CIVD) from @British_Airways, esta manhã, em Castellon (CDT), na Espanha.

Although the exact time of the fire is currently unknown, we can see that the Castellón Airport Twitter feed reported the fire as early as 12:42 UTC.

The Aviation Bomberos of Castellón (@CDTairport) and the @SIAB_Castellon trabajan de forma conjunta en la extinción de incendio en una aeronave. No Habido que lamentar Heridos y el fuego se encuentra ya confinado. image. Twitter. com / KuQtz9BW4O

G-CIVD has had electrical problems in the past. According to The Aviation Herald, the jumbo jet took off on Jan.. Flight BA177 from London Heathrow to New York JFK passed through October 2018 when the crew decided to return to London due to electrical problems. The decision to turn around was not made too far into the flight, about 800 nautical miles west of Shannon, Ireland. .

The incident report also states that shortly after departure, a passenger reported that the in-flight entertainment system had failed. Soon afterwards the lights in the cabin and in the toilets also went out. The problems got worse when the power was cut in the galley and only passenger signs were left as the only lights.

An unusual smell was reported by the passengers and confirmed by the cabin crew. The aircraft then turned around and informed air traffic that the return to Heathrow was due to problems with one of the electrical systems.

The legendary British Airways 747 fleet, all -400, was unfortunately retired last summer. The announcement was made in July and the process began shortly thereafter.

“However, they are a different era commercial aircraft, use far more fuel than the latest generation of aircraft, and logically require more frequent and detailed attention from our engineering team. « -British Airways

The Boeing 747 has served British Airways and its predecessor BOAC for around 50 years. The first Boeing 747, a -100, was delivered to BOAC in April 1970. Since then, the airliner has evolved and the -200 and -400 have also been delivered to British Airways. The last 747 delivery to British Airways was in 1999. Originally, the airline had planned to end its aging 747-400 jumbo jet fleet by 2024. The catastrophic events of 2020 led to an accelerated shutdown of the aging jets.

What do you think was the cause of this fire in the cockpit? Let us know in the comments.

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British Airways, Boeing 747, Castellón Airport – Costa Azahar

World news – GB – Breaking: British Airways’ Boeing 747 catches fire in Spain – Easy to fly
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