World News – GB – BREAKING: West Dunbartonshire to be subject to level three restrictions


The Prime Minister confirmed the rules that will go into effect on Monday but warned people not to travel outside their council area unless it is essential

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West Dunbartonshire will continue with restrictions similar to those already in place after it was revealed the area would be at level three of the new coronavirus framework

The Prime Minister confirmed the classification in a statement to parliament today (Thursday) when she also confirmed that 37 other people had died from Covid-19 in the past 24 hours

All areas of the central belt that have been subject to additional measures compared to the rest of the country will continue at level three

The guidelines at this level, which will be in effect from Monday, are broadly similar to the current restrictions, but will pave the way for restaurants and pubs to reopen as long as they don’t sell alcohol and close at 18 hours

The Prime Minister said level three would be « in place for the shortest possible time » She added: « We will review weekly whether changes are needed »

Ms Sturgeon said she would confirm in Parliament on a Tuesday any changes that come into effect the following Friday

The Prime Minister also acknowledged the national lockdowns that have been put in place in countries like France and Germany, recently saying Europe is « firmly in the grip » of a second wave of the virus

Addressing travel restrictions, she added: “If you live in a municipal level 3 area, please do not travel outside of your place of residence unless you require it for essential reasons. you to know the restrictions in your area « 

As of Tuesday 1 September, residents of West Dunbartonshire have been unable to meet other households inside

And on Friday, October 9, pubs and restaurants were forced to close in an attempt to prevent further spread of the virus

On Tuesday, when she presented the levels to MSPs at Holyrood, Nicola Sturgeon said: « Our position right now is still fragile. We have to continue to be very careful »

Professor Jason Leitch last week warned people to prepare for a ‘digital Christmas’ with the possibility that rules banning family reunions would still be in effect on December 25

Ms Sturgeon said the Scottish Government would look into any situation in the future where it would make more sense to be more targeted, for example different levels for Argyll and Bute Islands to the mainland communities of this local authority

Argyll and Bute has been rated as level two, which is similar to level three, but means licensed premises can serve alcohol indoors with a main meal until 8 p.m. and at the outdoors up to 10 hours30h

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World News – GB – BREAKING: West Dunbartonshire to be subject to level three restrictions
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BREAKING: West Dunbartonshire will be subject to level three restrictions
The Scottish Government presents a tiered system for regions with Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Argyll and Bute classified in


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