World News – GB – Bret Hart reacts to Jake Roberts saying he is one of ‘worst world champions of all time’


Bret « The Hitman » Hart took issue with Jake Roberts’ recent statement calling Hart and Shawn Michaels « the worst world champions of all time »

Bret Hart responded to previous claims by Jake Roberts that he was one of the « worst world champions » in WWF history

Hart responded to Roberts’ statement in a recent episode of his Confessions of the Hitman series Roberts had previously argued that Hart and Shawn Michaels were the “worst world champions of all time” The Hitman is not d ‘okay

“He made a reference that we didn’t draw, which is still I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” Hart said. “If you watch any of the WrestleManias, WrestleMania 12, you can’t tell me, if you look at the crowd I didn’t draw I mean it was huge buy rates and it was a Even Wembley with Bulldog had over 80,000 fans there – low And to try and throw in, « hey, haven’t you ever drawn? » I wrestled in front of 100,000 people in India for [WWE] in 1994 « 

Bret Hart admitted that while he felt an undeniable draw, it could be argued that he didn’t draw in the same way Hulk Hogan did – although he did not sure another Superstar did

He explained that Roberts never went to the gym and was strictly a “promotional” guy Although he credited Roberts as a “hard worker,” Hart was quick to add how much of a “ great contender wrestler « 

« I think it bothers me that someone like Jake, who never went to the gym – if he went to the gym he could do a set and then go outside for a smoke It wasn’t not a badass, was not a legitimate athlete, he was strictly a promo and he was a great worker; a great wrestler pretending « 

Hart continued, “But all I know is that when my time came and they chose me to be the champion, they chose me for whatever reason. I am very happy that they chose me I think I was a good choice I certainly worked hard enough to get this opportunity But Jake Roberts said something like we were too small and we and we did never drew big numbers or anything like that, but I say in response to that, where was Jake Roberts? […] Like, why didn’t [Roberts] take the torch? Why wasn’t he there? « 

Bret Hart then claimed that Roberts was the kind of wrestler who « never passed the torch to anyone » According to him, Roberts was never interested in establishing anyone other than himself

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Disagreeing with Roberts’ opinion, Hart pointed out that he thought people would ‘have a hard time finding two better’ than him and Michaels to become champion. He added that they never had to. take a backseat for Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, or those Roberts considered « iconic true [pro] wrestling champions »

As for Bret Hart, Jake Roberts « never cares about throwing stones at me and Shawn »

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World News – UK – Bret Hart reacts to Jake Roberts saying he’s one of the worst all-time world champions’


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