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Formula 1 world champion Jenson Button has demanded that Italian karting driver Luca Corberi be banned from the sport for life after shocking video emerged of him attacking a rival at the FIA ​​World Championship Karting today

Images of Corberi’s behavior in the KZ Final race were shared widely on social media The 23-year-old Tony Kart driver gave up nine laps in the 25-lap race after colliding with his rival Paolo Ippolito

The official race broadcast (below) shows Corberi standing at the side of the circuit and throwing the bumper of his kart towards Ippolito as it passes

Button shared amateur footage from the paddock after the race which appears to show Corberi and another individual physically attacking Ippolito The Corberi family are the operators of the Lonato circuit where the race took place

« Luca Corberi has just destroyed any chance he had in a racing career after his disgusting behavior today at the FIA ​​Karting World Championships, » Button said on social media « His father owns the circuit and we see the power push the guy into a wall No life for these two idiots please « 

Corberi and Ippolito were both disqualified from the race for the collision, which was not shown during the race

The stewards judged that the DRG Ippolito pilot “could not avoid coming into contact with the pilot 61 [Corberi] and following this action, the pilot 61 had to withdraw”However, he was found to have violated the code of conduct on kart circuits regarding collisions between competitors

The official race classification notes Corberi has received a « disqualification from the competition for a (very) bad maneuver » under appendix L, chapter IV article 2 (c) of the International Sporting Code, which obliges the pilot to « use the track at all times »

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(I also usually hate turning a tweet into an entire post, but I guess that’s the world we live in now)

It is quite normal to say « Please » when asking for something, especially if you do not have the specific right to expect obedience to your request. should not be seen as a weakening of your request

I agree with Steve – reading Button’s tweet, there is no request there, just a request that is not the same

Sounds like an article about a serious incident at a racing event with Button’s tweet used as an extra accent For some reason some people can’t see the obvious, but I guess that’s the world we live in now

A couple of kids fighting with helmets? I do not see what the problem is Lifetime ban? Adults are the ones who should be ashamed Nothing worse than some parents getting involved in dusting their children

Children? The guy is 23 years old, he’s an adult in every sense of the word He should be ashamed It was pathetic

tracing debris on the track, trying to hit the other driver… not very sporty And after that, go to the paddock to attack this driver again? not very nice…

Speaking of shame… wouldn’t you want to know your topic before you jump in with your 5 cents?

Unless the child has slept with his wife, I don’t need to know… the lifetime ban is appropriate…

Darrell Smith, making you want to throw your bumper in the path of Karts while having a temper tantrum now seems quite normal… I said wrong It now seems like you are crazy

Maybe next time they will run hard and settle their differences like men instead of looking like fools

As for you, review it and consider the possibilities of what could have happened It’s up to you to see the right thing here

Are you for real? It was not a small fight between 2 helmeted children It was a 23 year old man who stood outside a turn on a live track and physically threw a bumber at a pilot traveling at the speed of the race Also, he missed and hit another kart There is no room for this kind of behavior

@darryn, Watch the guy throw a bumper on carts, you won’t feel the same, trust me The Youtube video link at the end of the article is what you are looking for

I can’t find any footage of the initial crash that sidelined him, but Ippolito was not responsible for the incident People tend to get the most angry when they know their business was their own fault deep down In any case, a definitive ban for the driver and the FIA ​​should ban the use of the circuit under current ownership

It’s a good way to undermine 50 years of hard work to make motorsport as safe as possible Absolute Insanity Hard to disagree with Jenson This kind of behavior certainly doesn’t need warning or second chance He even had time to think about what he was doing!

It seemed to me that the driver, Corberi, who threw his front bumper on Ipollito, then skipped the track workers to cross several lanes of the track on the pit lane, and his father, who both viciously and physically attacked Ipollito, a 15-year-old miner, half the size of Corberi, 23, and his father, of unknown age, in the pits The racing footage and comments from the attack are on Twitter at: https: // twittercom / JensonButton / status / 1312876675516882946 and on YouTube at: https: // wwwYoutubecom / embed / f7utq6-HC4U

Two adult males go after a 15 year old, it’s beyond two drivers having words or pushing each other in the pits Both are lucky it wasn’t my boy

Generally, fights between competitors are treated as a sporting matter.However, at least in some places, the use of a weapon (like a bumper) would nullify this exception.In addition, his father was not a competitor and, at least here in the US, could expect accusations

@forrestgump Are we sure how old? If that’s Paolo Ippolito, this guy has been in the karting world since the late 2000s, he’s at least 22 himself This doesn’t improve Corberi’s actions, but let’s not accuse him of having assaulted a minor

@wsgo Yes, after seeing him speak at a 2017 karting championship on YouTube, I agree with you. He is certainly not a pre-pubescent 15 year old… I was following others comments on the twitter link and I apologize: – / fg

Throwing something at another competitor on the track should be an instant, lifelong ban No excuses

It would have been justice if Ipollito had crushed that bumper and launched into that fruit loop, bending it in half with his kart!

I guess Max is his idol Except they pushed beyond pushing the two adult weight scale assaulting an Absolutely Mad minor

What if throwing that bumper down caused an accident and someone was seriously injured or died?

How heavy are these bumpers on karts and how fast do they go? If Corberi had succeeded in hitting Ippolito, what could have been the consequences? Looks like it could be life threatening

There was also a lot of time between throwing the bumper and fighting Enough time to cool off

It reminds me of the incident at 98 Spa when Schumacher went to « see » Coulthard to tell him something

I hope he knows what he did and takes responsibility for his ways but the truth that his father (owner of the track) went there is above stupidity

Endangering the lives of rivals counts as criminal case against this person The FIA ​​is also to blame here as it left Vettel and Verstappen to fend for themselves in the recent past, setting a terrible example for young riders on the rise in the ranks

The « funny » part is that FIA-CIK president and well-known figure Felipe Massa was present, as it was the season finale and honestly I don’t see how they are going to avoid a lifetime ban , especially with the publicity she won

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News from the world – GB – Button demands lifetime bans for kart driver Corberi and his father


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