World News – GB – Coronation Street’s Antony Cotton responds to claims actors should retrain


Coronation Street star Antony Cotton has hit back at claims that actors and creatives need to retrain amid the coronavirus pandemic

Chancellor Rishi Sunak angered musicians and members of the creative industries earlier this month after suggesting those left unemployed by the pandemic to retrain for another role

Antony slammed ITV’s comments on Lorraine this morning, saying the public relied on television to break the lockdown

Speaking to presenter Christine Lampard – who will replace titular host during mid-term – on the importance of the arts and entertainment for people during the pandemic, Antony said: “You say the public needs us [Why] tell people to retrain and take other jobs? « 

He added, “What would we do without television? It was literally the only thing that kept everyone going « 

« Whether it’s news, documentaries or drama, we need television We need creations to tell stories So I was very lucky and grateful to be back at the work since July « 

Antony isn’t the only celebrity involved in the arts to have hit back at claims Liam Gallagher called the Chancellor a « massive c *** » after making the comments, while Dave Rowntree – of his former rivals from pop Blur – called comments « stupid »

Antony was also in Lorraine to talk about the latest Coronation Street script, which sees his character Sean reconnect with his son Dylan (Liam McCheyne) who hit the cobblestones earlier this week

He said, « Actor Liam has been around since he was a little baby I’ve known him all his life For an actor to come back as an older kid that’s really unusual He’s absolutely brilliant « 

Speaking about the father and son dynamic, Antony added, “We started playing with me as a irritable kid and him as an adult That’s what I want to explore with I’ll be the one to sulk and throw my toys out of the pram « 

He added: « The dynamics are going to be really interesting… They have found their marks and measured themselves »

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World News – UK – Coronation Street’s Antony Cotton responds to claims actors should retrain


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