World News – GB – Coronavirus: Irish Prime Minister announces six weeks of restrictions, but warns full lockdown ‘is not a realistic option’


The Irish Prime Minister has confirmed that the country will return to the highest level of coronavirus restrictions from midnight on Wednesday

Micheal Martin warned that evidence of a potentially serious situation in the coming weeks is now « too strong » to ignore

He called on everyone in Ireland to take the threat of COVID-19 seriously – and stressed that a « collective immunity » approach was not possible

However, M Martin added that a full lockdown is « just not a realistic option » meaning that some exemptions from the country’s Level 5 restrictions will be made.

Although non-essential stores will be forced to close, schools and daycares will be allowed to remain open

« Even with the onset of winter there is hope and light If we come together in the next six weeks we will have the chance to celebrate Christmas in a meaningful way, » said M Martin

The government gave Greater Manchester a few hours to reach agreement on introducing stricter coronavirus restrictions Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick said he had written to local leaders in the region in their giving until noon Tuesday to reach agreement on the matter

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Ghislaine Maxwell has lost her legal battle to keep affidavits giving intimate details of her personal life a secret A federal appeals court upheld a lower court ruling that the 58-year-old socialite’s testimony and associate of disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein should be made public Maxwell is currently being held in a Brooklyn jail awaiting trial for helping Epstein recruit underage girls as young as 14 to perform sex acts in the mid-1990s She has pleaded not guilty The documents relate to a statement she made in 2016 in a civil libel case brought by one of Epstein’s victims, Virginia Roberts Giuffre Ms Giuffre alleges Epstein forced her to have sex with Prince Andrew and others when she was just 17 The Duke of York has denied the allegations

A Blackpool man was punched in the face for removing his mask to speak to his elderly mother as they traveled on a tram Police said the victim was in his 60s and his mother, who was 90, was hearing impaired As the pensioner took off his mask to talk to him, the suspect came up behind him and demanded that he put his mask back on, police said

Thousands of people demonstrated across France after the terrorist assassination of a schoolteacher on Friday Samuel Paty was beheaded Friday in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine by an 18-year-old Chechen refugee, born in Moscow, shot dead by the police

The Chief Justice has some thoughts after seeing the contestants speak at the launch show’s group dance

Healthy young adults with COVID-19 who do not require hospitalization are still at risk for long-term health problems, researchers at the University of Oxford have found On average 140 days after the onset of their symptoms, 98% were still tired, 92% had heart and lung symptoms, 88% had muscle pain, 87% had shortness of breath, 83% had headaches and 73% gastrointestinal symptoms Researchers say their study, published Friday on medRxiv ahead of peer review, cannot prove that the virus caused these later problems

Male teachers only make up a third of the secondary school workforce after a sharp drop in the number of white men choosing the profession, new figures have revealed The proportion of men who teach students aged 11 to 16 has fallen year-over-year over the past decade, reaching its lowest level last year when the number fell to 355pc, according to an analysis by the think tank of Education Policy Institute (EPI) Experts say the decline could be the result of a more commonly shared perception by men that teaching is a lower status job, while other career paths offer more in income potential The study also found that although the workforce is becoming increasingly dominated by women, the proportion of black and ethnic minority (BME) male teachers has increased to 17% – which, for the first time, is broadly representative of the general population Since 2010, the number of male BME teachers has increased in both elementary schools – by 114% – and secondary schools – by 34% Meanwhile, the number of white men in secondary schools has fallen further from 12,800 since 2010 – a decrease of 17%, according to the analysis « This is an important consideration in areas where there is a prevalence of underachieving white working-class boys, » the report says. Both trends may have implications for student outcomes, the report says, as it is proven that students have higher learning outcomes when they have “a teacher like me” in the classroom. Joshua Fullard, author and senior researcher at EPI, said: “Evidence suggests that when a teacher matches their students’ experience, it can help improve student outcomes. “It is therefore encouraging that despite the overall decline in men, we have seen an increase in the proportion of male BME teachers, which now corresponds to the population as a whole. »The proportion of male teachers in secondary schools has fallen year on year since 2010, reaching its lowest level last year when 355% of teachers were men, according to analysis. But the figures in Primary schools have stagnated over the past five years at 141 pc The decline in male teachers has occurred in all parts of England except central London Men are the least likely to enter the teaching in the North East, where in all schools only one in four (244pc) teachers are men, according to the report It suggests that the decline of men in the profession is likely to be caused by the freeze on public sector salaries Over the past decade The think tank says the government will likely need to recruit more men in shortage subjects, like math and physics, to meet recruitment targets, and that it should continue to offer top-up payments to help recruit and retain the most math and physics teachers deprived areas Dr Stephen Curran, teacher and former government adviser, said some men still thought they could make more money outside of education He said: « We still have a gender imbalance in this country. There has been a lot of work to correct it, but men still feel like they can earn a higher salary outside of education. that in this one The men I spoke to say, ‘I can earn a lot more as an accountant in the city’ This kind of attitude persists among educated men ‘Professor Lee Elliot Major, professor of social mobility at the University Exeter, said the declining popularity of teaching may be due to it being seen as a low status job for men He said: “Unfortunately, the teaching profession suffers from low wages, low social status and stereotypes that it is female work – all of which are at the root of the under-representation. men “We need to give more value and respect to one of the most important jobs in society in order to attract the right people, regardless of gender.A spokesperson for the Department of Education (DfE) said: « We are working to increase the diversity of teaching staff and have improved pathways to the profession with the aim of a diverse workforce which supports the progression and retention of all teachers, regardless of gender « 

‘This Morning’ star Phillip Schofield admitted he still felt ‘quite confused’ about his identity after turning gay earlier this year

UK refuses to resume Brexit talks as EU accepts demands No 10 stands still even after Barnier’s offer prompted Gove to turn back the box shipping

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