World news – GB – Coronavirus: UK government offers £ 2 bn to local authorities on November 13 to help businesses


The company is confident of its feedback on its Phase 1 trials and is now moving to Phases 2 and 3 with 36,000 participants

British Business Secretary Alok Sharma kicked off the British government’s press conference on the Coronavirus on Thursday by re-affirming Whitehall’s measures to keep the economy afloat

I announce that the government will distribute £ 2 billion ($ 2 bn) to local authorities tomorrow (November 13) to allow them to make vital grant payments to affected companies

The CEO of the UK’s Financial Supervisory Authority (FCA) warned on Thursday that a « large » number of companies could fail in the coming months as a result of the COVID-19 crisis

In his first major speech since assuming the top position at the start of October, FCA’s Nikhil Rathi said companies regulated by the watchdog will likely decline in the coming months

“In the end, we cannot intervene to prevent companies from failing in the face of economic hardship, and unfortunately we expect a large number of regulated companies, especially the smaller ones, to fail in the coming months,” Rathi said in a speech at the annual gathering of the Palace House in Medina. London Thursday evening

The number of companies going bankrupt across the UK economy has so far remained artificially low through massive government support. The government has so far spent £ 200 billion to support UK jobs and businesses.

He also highlighted the UK government’s Kickstart Jobs Program, which has created 19,000 job opportunities for unemployed youth since its launch in early September.

“I know how difficult the job market is,” Sharma said and encouraged the largest possible number of young people to join the program

At the press conference, Sharma also shared the nation’s latest data on coronavirus cases. The UK recorded 33,470 more cases of coronavirus – an increase of over 10,000 (or 46%) over the total for Wednesday and a new record


The average number of COVID-19 patients in hospitals is 14,196 across the UK, compared to 12,406 a week ago.

According to data published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the UK economy grew at a record rate of 155% between July and September, recovering from recession and showing a partial recovery

However, this was before large parts of the UK entered a second lockdown, which is set to last until December 2, and missed the estimates of economists who had expected third-quarter GDP growth of 158%

Sharma on Thursday reinforced the message that the lockdown will end on December 2 and that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce in advance what will happen next

Meanwhile, unemployment in the UK rose at its fastest pace in more than a decade, with layoffs rising to a record high between July and September Britain lost 782,000 jobs on employers ’payrolls between March and October, an increase of 33,000 jobs. For the previous month’s numbers

However, the UK – as well as other economies – has given new hope in recent days about a potential coronavirus vaccine

German company BioNTech (BNTX) and its potential partner Pfizer (PFE) could start rolling out a coronavirus vaccine in the UK by Christmas if it bypasses other scientific and safety « hurdles », according to the UK government

Stocks in the United Kingdom rose on Monday as hopes for an economic recovery from the pandemic grew, as investors bet on suppressing the virus and reviving the fortunes of troubled companies

On Thursday, the head of another leading vaccine development company in Germany, CureVac (CVAC), said in a conversation with Yahoo Finance UK that he is looking forward to third-quarter 2021 approval for a CureVac vaccine

Neymar was excluded from Brazil’s World Cup qualifying match against Uruguay next week due to a thigh injury he sustained while playing for Paris Saint-Germain in a Champions League match. The Brazilian Football Confederation confirmed on Thursday that Neymar will not play in Tuesday’s South American qualifiers in Montevideo Paris St Germain coach Thomas Tuchel said last week that it would be « impossible » for Neymar to play for Brazil while he was recovering from injury, but Brazil coach Tite insisted the striker travel

Police have arrested the interim president of the Bolivian Football Association (FBF) for allegations of corruption during Thursday’s World Cup qualifier against Ecuador, one of his aides said. Plainclothes policemen surprised Marco Rodriguez while sitting in the stands with players who did not participate in the match at the Hernando Sales Stadium in La Paz.

Alton Brown isn’t making a lot of friends online this week. On Monday, the celebrity chef, author, and Food Network host hit the hot water on Twitter with the wrong post about his conservative tendencies – and days later, he just turned things to the boil with a couple of Misleading Holocaust Tweets Brown appears to have removed all the offending posts and apologized for the Holocaust tweets but at this point, the controversy has evolved into something bigger, sparking annoying comments the chef made (and allegedly made) in the past. At this point, it appears that he Ready to join Bon Appetit and Alison Roman on the list of world’s best culinary to disappoint their fans’ hopes in 2020Alison Roman Bashid, Mary Kondo and Chrissy Teigen, and it wasn’t Spark Joy that things started heating up for the first time earlier this week when Brown tweeted, “I’ve voted Republicans most of my life. I consider myself a conservative. I want to believe there are still » very cool « people. On either side of the corridor however If Republican leaders don’t extract their collective noses from that man’s back, we’ll have the words. Brown later clarified that he voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in this election, as well as the Democratic Senate candidates Raphael Warnock and John Usoff in his home state of Georgia However, his tweet appears to be Assume that the turmoil we have witnessed in the past four years – culminating in the president of the United States neglecting to govern while publicly laying the groundwork for a coup – began with Trump as many were quick to tell Brown, such thinking ignores the fanaticism and Machiavellian ruthlessness that has characterized the Republican Party for decades. Especially the last decade or soPeople told Brown just as much – and for one fan who said they were « disappointed, » the chef replied, « Honestly, you have no right to be disappointed with nothing at all. I’ve used my own platform to voice my opinion. You may hate me, for sure but disappointment in myself should be. » They are reserved for bad recipes. ”But as media writer Evan Desimone said in his own response,“ You cannot ask that you be judged based solely on your work and not on your policy when it is your policy that directly affects people’s lives. ”> Frankly, you have no right To be disappointed Nothing at all I used my own platform to express my opinion You may hate me, sure but my disappointment in myself should be reserved for bad recipes >> – Alton Brown (altonbrown) on November 10, 2020 either way Only a day later, things got worse when Brown decided to follow things up with a few hints of the Holocaust: “So, when they get us into the camps, do you think they are, ‘Let’s choose the country? Tuesday Books « I’ll order KS because the sky is wonderful there. » Above the wheat «  » Do you think your camp uniform would be striped, like the Auschwitz camp uniform, or would it be popular? He added later when someone said his uniform would depend on how wealthy he was, Brown replied that he “has no gold fillings (the Nazis removed the teeth and gold fillings from the Jews who were killed in concentration camps)) The next morning, after a flood of criticism, Brown issued a statement. “I apologize for the flimsy reference I made to the Holocaust in my tweet last night,” Brown wrote, “It was not a reference for me to the humor effect but rather reflects how deeply my fear of our country is. It was a very poor use of judgment and bad taste.” It is difficult for this reader to see how That the « gold filler » comment in particular was intended to convey a deep sense of fear, but if he said so> I apologize for the flimsy reference that I made to the Holocaust in my tweet last night, I was not a reference to the comic effect, but rather reflects how deeply I am afraid of our country. It was a very bad use of judgment and bad taste >> – Alton Brown (@altonbrown) November 11, 2020 But social media users are also starting to share reports and allegations from years past – most notably, a 2011 blog post written by a fan named D avid Rheinstrom said he’d traveled hundreds of miles to see Brown at a local bookstore he was using in Iowa only to discover, as he put it, “Alton Brown is a fool.” Rheinstrom wrote that while showing a book to the public, Brown said, “Well, this book is from the south, where I came from,” And it contains some things that might be kind of strange and strange to you, Euan Rinstrom, turning the page, Brown said to the audience, “Look! A real live nigger! “When the audience stood in an embarrassing silence, it was said that they muttered,“ Well remind me not to make jokes of African descent in Iowa. ”Brown seemed to try to make fun of Iowa’s homogeneous whites, Reinstrom acknowledged – but his alleged use of the word ‘nigger’ remains suspect in At another point, Rheinstrom added, Brown was flirting with a young girl and her family in the audience when he said to the child, “If this guy by your side is your other parent, then I’m in the wrong condition” (emphasis on Rheinstrom) Brown’s representative did not immediately respond to Dele’s request. Best to Comment: Brown also expressed particular contempt for obese people, whose size often reduces to just a matter of simple diet, ignoring all other factors that can contribute to a person’s body size. In 2008, Brown told the East Bay Times: « I’ve been overweight. My whole life, and maybe I’ll always do it but I was on my most recent book tour was shocked at how many overweight families people would come to me and say, « Oh, we love the Food Network » well, no (expletive); Have you eaten the TV there are only four of you and you can’t take the elevator together? Maybe I’m going to anger obese people, but we, as a culture, should be ashamed. It’s unhealthy. « As to whether obesity is a disease, Brown told the New York Times in 2015, » Obesity is not A disease Could it be caused by diseases in certain rare cases? Yes, but the second time our society begins to think that bulldozing Big Macs in our faces is a disease, we are done, we are done with the culture of “What do we say? Read more on the Daily Beast, at least we still have our neighbor Ina, get our most important news in your inbox every day, subscribe now! Daily Beast Membership: The Beast Inside delves into the stories you care about, learn more.

Officials’ statement at CISA, an agency of the Department of Homeland Security, undermines President Donald Trump’s lies about widespread voter fraud

Chinese feed producers, pig farmers and traders are reshaping the global grain market as they search the world for supplies amid local shortages that have pushed domestic corn prices to record levels. Global food inflation in 2021 is expected to fuel global food inflation in 2021, putting the country’s procurement process on an emerging path. As the largest buyer of grains so far this season, it shattered previous buying records and represented a clear break from China’s history as a relatively self-sufficient player in the grain markets. “The great development in the grain market is the transformation of China into the largest importer of corn in the world; it is something people had not expected. Soon, « Philippe Chalmine, French economist and commodities director, told the Cyclope Report

During our call today, we’ll be reporting non-IFRS metrics or revised metrics, which is the way we track performance internally and the easiest way to compare Globant to our industry peers Thanks Paula and hello to everyone

Donald Trump’s efforts to derail Joe Biden’s election victory were dealt another blow as coalition officials found no evidence that votes were being hacked or altered and said, “While we know that there are many baseless allegations and opportunities to be misled about our election process, we can. To assure you that we have the utmost confidence in the security and integrity of our elections, and you should do so too. The statement was distributed by the Agency for Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security, which has led efforts to protect the federal election

South Korea reported its largest daily jump in COVID-19 cases within 70 days as the government began fineing people without masks in public places More than 120 of the cases were from the Seoul metropolitan area, where the coronavirus has spread to a variety From places, including hospitals, nursing homes, churches, schools, restaurants, and offices, the steady spread of the virus has alarmed government officials, who have eased social distancing measures to the lowest level since October to ease the pandemic’s shock to the economy.

Can College Football reach the end of the current season? The only safe expectation is that he will walk there and the sport’s ability to finish will become a test of one of the sport’s long weaknesses – the absence of central leadership

Opinion editor at The Washington Times and Fox News contributor Charlie Hurt mulls Biden’s « first day priorities »

(Bloomberg) – California has passed the bleak phase of a million infections like U Q The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said almost no part of the country survived the spread of Covid-19 and Japan suffered a record number of infections Thursday with 1,661 cases it said Yasutoshi Nishimura, the minister overseeing his response, says more drastic steps will be needed if cases continue to rise South Korea has reported 191 new cases in the past 24 hours, the largest increase in 10 weeks, according to the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency.The mortality rate of those infected in the United States has decreased by 30% since April due to improved treatment, according to a study by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington.However, researchers predicted that total Ux deaths would reach 439,000 by March of next year, after exceeding 2,200 per day in the middle of January as the number of cases rises Key developments: Global tracker: highest cases 526 million; Deaths surpass 129 million China is under pressure to unveil Covid-19 vaccine data The White House leaves stimulus to Congress as Biden enters melee Search for flights from Hong Kong to Singapore Triple times daily virus update hours From Bloomberg’s forecast team Here click CVID on device To obtain global data on coronavirus cases and deaths, the International Monetary Fund sees signs of green economic recovery (10:15 am) The Director-General of the International Monetary Fund, Kristalina Georgieva, said that the measures taken by governments and central banks have laid a floor for the global economy, and warned countries against withdrawing support at Too early »Because of the decisive measures taken by governments and central banks, we have been able to lay the groundwork for the global economy, » she said Friday in a message recorded at the Caixin Summit in Beijing. We are seeing green shoots of recovery, YOS The death rate has decreased by 30%, says the IHME (10:07 am Hong Kong) The death rate of those infected in the United States has decreased by 30% since April due to improved treatment, according to a study by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University Washington researchers expect that total Ux deaths will reach 439,000 by March of next year, after exceeding 2,200 a day in mid-January as the number of cases rises. These forecasts include 33 states that re-impose widespread mandates in the field of social distancing. Successful treatment in the future may become more difficult with Increase in hospital admissions Eleven states are expected to suffer from « severe stress » on public hospital beds in the period from December to February, Mexico virus infections rose to 991,835 (9:21) Or Mexico reported 5,658 new cases of Covid-19, Bringing the total number to 991 835, according to data released by the Health Ministry on Thursday night The number of deaths increased by 626 to 97056JPMorgan Boosts Stock Call When Pollen Breaking (8:56 AM HK) JPMorgan Chase & Strategists have increased their exposure to global stocks and pulled back further on sovereign bonds, describing this week’s positive vaccine news as a « game changer » for the markets This breakout will allow investors to look beyond The resurgence of coronavirus cases towards the end of the epidemic and the reopening of the global economy on a larger scale, according to a team including Marko Kulanovic Strengthening JPMorgan’s bullish outlook was a positive third-quarter earnings season and a U-moderate s election result. California tops a million cases (8:16 am Hong Kong) California has surpassed one million coronavirus cases, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, the state, which has a population of about 40 million people, only Texas tracking in reaching the bleak phase California was home to one of the first outbreaks of Covid-19 and the first to enact a statewide lockdown in March, only to see the infection soar in the summer as the rest of the US, seeing a resurgence of the virus after a lull. Fall, with an average of 14 new cases up 76% in the past month, nearly a third of California’s cases in Los Angeles County, the most populous state, and the state blowing more than 18,000 deaths from the virus, behind only New York and Texas, Ivy League canceling the sports season. Winter (7:59 am Hong Kong) The Ivy League Sports Conference has canceled the winter sports season, as the Covid-19 pandemic is forcing schools to rethink personal activities as infections mount across the U Saldori, nation Harvard, Yale and Princeton will also not be organizing a fall sports competition this coming spring, he said in a statement Thursday. Intercollegiate athletics competition for spring sports postponed until the end of February at leastCenter for Disease Control: Viruses Rise Almost Everywhere in the US (5:49 AM New York) Covid-19 cases are on the rise in 94% of US jurisdictions, death rate In non-urban areas it is more than twice as high as in urban areas, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention rush testing may cause delays, the Laboratory Group (4:55 PM New York) warns the American Medical Laboratory Association, which represents large laboratories such as Laboratory Corp. of America Holdings and Quest Diagnostics Inc., warned that rising demand for Covid-19 tests could push some laboratories to or exceed their capacity, delaying test results Member laboratories have run a record 495,000 polymerase chain reaction tests, or PCRs, for the Covid-19 virus. On Wednesday, as they worked to increase capacity, the labs faced challenges obtaining supplies such as pipette tips, according to the group’s Wisconsin Top 7000 for Day Three (4:28 AM New York) “It’s not safe,” Evers said Wednesday evening, Wisconsin’s daily cases exceeded 7,000 for the third day in a row, adding to the urgency of Governor Tony Evers’s call for residents to limit social activity and stay at home. “It’s not safe,” Evers said on Wednesday evening, “It might not be safe for some time yet. Please, cancel happy hours, dinner parties, sleep and play dates in your home Evers, who is a Democrat, has not announced additional legal requirements or penalties for failing to comply with virus control measures Republicans have repeatedly challenged his previous orders in court and hospitalizations have arrived in Wisconsin, one of the states most Affected in the Midwest, to double the levels they were a month agoBiden advisor questions national lockdown (3:42 AM NY) Member of U-S President-elect Joe Biden’s coronavirus task force said Thursday it does not see nationwide lockdown necessary Celine Gunder’s comments on epidemiologist Michael Osterholm’s comments on the day PreviousWith all due respect, Dr Osterholm, this doesn’t necessarily represent the entire advisory board or what the Biden-Harris transition team is planning to do, ”Gunder said at CNN,“ Maybe there are some places where you should be tougher, but I don’t think Really, this is national policy: Osterholm told Yahoo Finance that the four to six-week lockdown combined with a financial package to support workers, businesses and local governments could help contain the virus The Ohio governor does not want another lockdown (3:38 PM New York) Ohio State recorded A record number of new infections, total hospitalizations and intensive care patients, Governor Mike DeWine said as he warned, « We don’t want another lockdown. » On Wednesday, the Republican governor re-issued the state’s mask and tightened other restrictions, warning that it may Bars, restaurants and gyms are closed if people do not comply with anti-virus measures Ohio State recorded 7,101 new infections on Thursday, another record. Portugal expands restrictions (3:17 AM New York) Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa said Portugal expanded restrictions on Monday, adding 70 A municipality to a list where the movement of people is limited New cases remained below a record 6,640 on Saturday, and the number of intensive care patients decreased by eight to 383.Cases New York Spike (2:54 PM New York) New York state saw nearly 10,000 new coronavirus cases over a two-day period and Governor Andrew Cuomo urged people to « step back. Infections increased by an average of 4,797 on Wednesday with a positive test rate of nearly 3%, according to state data treating hospitals. » 1,677 patients from Covid-19 and 29 more died of the disease on Wednesday, Cuomo said in a press release that the state could keep it under control if residents were vigilant, wore masks and social distancing, especially as the holidays approached. He said, « I know it’s been a long time coming, but the coming weeks are going to be fundamental and we really need people to stem the tides. »Chicago issues stay-at-home advice (2:50 AM New York) Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Thursday issued advice urging residents to avoid leaving the house except for work, school and other necessities as new Covid-19 cases increase and hospitalizations increase, Lightfoot said: “This is literally a matter of life. Or die «  » We all have to get up and do our part, « Lightfoot said during a press conference on Thursday, » If the city continues on the current path, at least 1,000 other Chicago residents could die of the virus by the end of the year.  » City advises to cancel traditional Thanksgiving celebrations and avoid travel: Illinois once again recorded a record number of daily cases, 12,657, and the largest number of deaths since May South Dakota set a record amid criticism (2:42 PM New York) South Dakota set a record of 2019 injuries, A day after neighboring Minnesota criticized Governor Christy Noem for failing to enforce mandates of masks or other anti-virus measures, Minnesota Governor Tim Falls, a Democrat, said he wished Noem, a Republican and Trump ally, had done more to control the spread, Walz said: This is somewhat personal because the South Dakota governor travels to other states and criticizes others. « Kentucky Supreme Court Endorses Governor’s Covid-19 Orders (2:05 AM New York) The Kentucky Supreme Court unanimously overturned Thursday a lower court opinion that would have stripped Governor Andy Peshire’s emergency powers and deleted dozens of orders issued in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. -19 Global not only threatens the health and lives of Kentucky residents, but also their economic interests; Deputy Chief Justice Elizabeth Hughes wrote in the opinion that the interests of the vast majority take precedence over the individual commercial interests of any one person or entityFrench hospitalization record (1:45 AM New York) Hospital cases for Covid-19 in France have reached 32,683, surpassing the peak reported in April, although some indications indicate that curfews and closures have begun to slow the spread of the virus decreased Positive test rate to 187%, nearly 2 percentage points less than six days, the number of new confirmed cases increased by 33,172 cases to 1 and health authorities said 9 million Prime Minister Jean Castex said in an interview with Le Monde that it is « definitely not the right moment to break the reins. » New York prepares for possible school closure (12:26 AM New York) New York is preparing for the possibility of closing its schools and going to a remote program, Mayor Bill de Blasio said, the city recorded a 26% rate of positive tests for seven days, close to the closure level of 3%, said de Blasio : “We are preparing for this possibility.” It is a rule that we have set very clearly. If we see any day in the morning, indicators appear and reach this level, we will move immediately – the next day, schools will be closed The city has reported 870 new cases of the virus Covid-19 has an average of seven days as of November 10, which is above the public health warning threshold of 550, and 100 hospital admissions with symptoms of Covid-19, 36 of which have been confirmed positive and the mayor said that this level is still within the capacity City Hospitals For more articles like this one, please visit us at Bloomberg comSubscribe now to keep up with the most trusted business news source © 2020 Bloomberg The Else

(Bloomberg) – As Airbnb Inc prepares for its long-awaited Nasdaq debut, other consumer-facing tech companies join the public party, which has been dominated by enterprise program listings so far this year, food delivery service DoorDash Inc, the online retailer Wish Inc and installment loan provider Affirm Inc could join Airbnb in announcing its financials in the next few weeks, according to people familiar with their plans and people said that everyone would seek to hold their initial public offerings before the end of 2020 would add billions of dollars to the record total. More than $ 140 billion raised on US exchanges this year, according to data compiled by Bloomberg and this includes special-purpose acquisitions, or SPACs, which have reached all-time highs, according to the data IPO advisors expect to see a record amount of listing activity during The period between U x Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays companies that emerged from market chaos during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic are now rushing to go public, after also you US election results emerged before making the move, Airbnb will seek to raise about $ 3 billion in its initial public offering, said people familiar with its plans, making it the largest of the four. The home rental company had intended to announce the IPO file on Thursday, but decided to wait until next week to avoid news that was overshadowed by the repercussions of the U-Q elections, Bloomberg News reported that the flipping of files The public filing – or flipping of – of listing documents represents an important milestone in the IPO process, making It gives investors the first complete look at the company’s finances as well as details of its operations and ownership Fifteen days after the prospectus is published for the IPO, the company can begin to receive investor orders to acquire shares in the IPO. San Francisco-based DoorDash races its plans after That she helped pass a California ballot proposal that would allow her and other gig economy firms to treat drivers and delivery workers as independent contractors rather than employees of the company, which in February said it had submitted a classified file to the USS people with knowledge of the matter said the SEC had gone public Listing plans flip over as soon as this week, people familiar with its plans said online retailer Wish might She filed in secrecy in late August for listing and is likely to reveal the prospectus within two weeks. The San Francisco-based company, a sponsor of the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers, was last valued at $ 11, and a statement at the time showed two billion people. In August 2019, people familiar with the matter said a public dossier from Affirm, which allows online shoppers to pay in installments, could be imminent. Affirm, also based in San Francisco, said in October that it had applied to the SEC in secret. Software RushInvestors would not have to wait longer to see the stock market debut of the Roblox Corp video game platform, valued at $ 4 billion last. Once, California-based San Mateo said in October that it had filed classified papers, people said the timing of all listings could change and discussions about company ratings were underway Representatives of DoorDash, Affirm, and Wish refused to comment.Read more: Busy IPO season arrives with plans to list Snowflake and JFrog Boost The next wave of consumer technology listings comes on the heels of the burst of enterprise software companies that entered the market in September, when seven software makers emerged, including Snowflake Inc, Unity Software Inc, Asana Inc and Palantir Technologies Inc, a gold audience that is likely to continue. Tech IPO boom in 2021 Instacart Inc grocery start, which reached a valuation of $ 17 $ 7 billion in an October funding round Next year, software maker UiPath Inc., $ 10 billion second-hand clothing platforms Poshmark and ThredUp Inc. have each secretly filed for a listing, while the best online mortgage lender enlisted the com hiring banks to help it go public. In 2021, the dating app Bumble is also preparing for an IPO early next year, which could be worth $ 6 billion to $ 8 billion. People familiar with its plans said it is working on a listing with Goldman Sachs Group Inc, Citigroup Inc and Morgan Stanley (updates with Bumble Banks in the last paragraph Wish and Affirm were corrected in an earlier version of this story) For more articles like this, please visit us at Bloomberg comSubscribe Now to keep up with the most trusted business news source © 2020 Bloomberg Else

Six weeks before Wonder Woman 1984 is due to hit theaters at Christmas, Warner Bros execs are considering whether to push the highly anticipated superhero sequel to summer 2021, or keep the film on its December 25 theatrical debut and then premiered on HBO Max broadcasts in early January, []

UK, Alok Sharma

World News – GB – Coronavirus: UK government offers £ 2bn 2bn to local authorities on November 13 to help businesses
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Coronavirus: UK government offers £ 2 billion to local authorities on November 13 to help companies
The United Kingdom records its highest one-day rise in injuries


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