World News – GB – Danish submarine killer surrounded by police after trying to escape from prison


A convicted murderer, who killed a journalist aboard his submarine, was surrounded by police and arrested after trying to escape from prison

Peter Madsen, 49, tried to flee Herstedvester prison, where he is serving a life sentence for the murder of Kim Wall in 2017

Danish police say a man was arrested after an escape attempt and the area cordoned off

Local media reported that the situation continued for at least an hour, but the convict has now been chased away by police

Photos from the Albertslund scene in Copenhagen show Madsen sitting against a fence surrounded by armed police

Two officers are lying face down on the ground in front of him and it appears that he is wearing a belt-shaped object around his stomach

Madsen had threatened prison guards with a « gun-like object » and also claimed to have a bomb, according to Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet

Witness Frank Jensen told the newspaper that police suddenly surrounded a white van, opened the door and pulled Madsen out of it

Subsequent footage from the scene, which is a few hundred yards from the prison, shows vehicles trying to block the situation

Madsen, who was an underage celebrity in Denmark, was convicted of the murder of Ms Wall in 2018

The 30-year-old Swedish journalist was writing an article about her inventions and was traveling aboard her submarine when she was killed

The inventor first claimed he dropped her on the ground and did not know what happened to her, but then insisted that she died accidentally after the discovery of his remains

After a 12-day trial that captured worldwide attention, he was found guilty of the « particularly brutal » murder which prosecutors say was sexually motivated

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News from the world – GB – Danish submarine killer surrounded by police after attempting to kill himself escape from prison


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