World News – GB – Discovery supports UK news channel run by BBC presenter Andrew Neil


Discovery steps into the UK news game by supporting a new 24-hour news channel, which will be led by BBC presenter and fierce political interrogator Andrew Neil

Named GB News, the channel will launch in Britain next year with the ambition of providing an alternative voice to market stalwarts including the BBC, ITV and Sky News Neil will chair the company and put on a show during prime time

Discovery is said to be the main investor in GB News, which is looking to raise an additional $ 55-65 million before it goes live Neil’s involvement will likely attract the attention of potential funders given his reputation in the UK

Announcing his decision to leave the BBC to join GB News, Neil tweeted: “I am delighted to announce that I have accepted the post of chairman of GB News, a new news channel which will be launched early of the New Year bringing new perspectives on the news I will also be presenting a new prime-time nightly show on GB News Watch this place « 

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Neil added that he had had talks with the new BBC managing director Tim Davie about staying with the broadcaster, but said he couldn’t make up for the « damage » by canceling The Andrew Neil Show earlier this year « I am leaving without animosity or desire to settle scores. I look back fondly on my 25 years of live political programming for the BBC, » he added

Neil tweeted an article from The Spectator (a publication he chairs) confirming Discovery’s involvement The US broadcaster has yet to comment on his investment and a representative led Deadline to GB News

According to the Press Association, GB News will be led by media and telecommunications executives Andrew Cole and Mark Schneider The former is a member of the board of directors of Liberty Global, which is headed by Discovery’s largest shareholder , John Malone

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News from the world – GB – Discovery supports the UK news channel run by BBC presenter Andrew Neil


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