World News – GB – Dominic Cummings mocked the lockdown flight in their first adult pino game


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Dominic Cummings is the source for jokes that break restrictions in a special edition of Beano for adults.

Boris Johnson, Captain Sir Tom Moore and Marcus Rashford also appear in the comic, which is reflected in the turbulent events of 2020.

The special edition will be called BeanOLD, which is a pull-out version inside the regular Beano and will see Dennis the Menace’s parents take a look at Zoom Tests, Home Education, late Bond movies and lack of toilet roll.

The storyboard also contains a reference to Mister Cummings driving with impaired eyesight, after his infamous distillery into Barnard Castle during lockdown. A police officer misled the prime minister’s special advisor who recently left for not driving his glasses, and was told, «  This isn’t the first car accident you’ve had this year – I remember your press conference from Downing Rose Street Park..

The children’s comic book was first published in July 1938 and continued in production throughout World War II, featuring stories from The Bash Street Kids, Minnie the Minx, Bananaman, Dennis and Gnasher.

The first adult release will show Denise’s father, Mr. Minnes, a new job at Elf Service, after losing his job at the Wilbur Brown Factory.

Sir Tom, who raised more than £ 32m for the NHS by walking his lawn, and Manchester United footballer Mr Rashford, who campaigned for free school meals and literacy for children, visit Beanotown to receive an honorary MBE ( A member of the Beano Elf-service) for their efforts this year.

While in town, they save Christmas by the roar of Wilbur Brown and Walter Softy’s plan to steal all the Christmas gifts.

Then the prime minister arrives in town and helps Wilbur Brown organize his vacation, with Mr. Cummings’ help as a smuggler driver, apparently wearing contact lenses..

Mr. Cummings has been widely mocked for his behavior during lockdown, not the first time a cartoon of him has been made in popular culture..

Spitting Image depicts Mr. Cummings as an alien who wants to eat children.

BeanOLD also includes an appearance from environmental activist Greta Thunberg, who advises Daddy Denise on how to grow his Christmas tree, as well as a cameo from Desperate Dan, marking the first time the character has appeared in an eight-year comic..

Dunkirk actor Tom Hardy also appeared as a guest in the role of the celebrity crush of Dennis’s mother and the birthday gift wish.

Beano Studios managing editor Mike Stirling said: “We have put together our Gnational Elf to help spread laughter and keep the nation smiling this winter..

“We love to make the kids laugh every week, but 2020 has been very difficult, for the first time in 82 years, we created a comic that kids could introduce to adults to share some much-needed Beano LOLZ.

The pullout – which says in the introduction: “2020 has been tough. So tough that adults need Beano – it can be found at Beano for this week, which is available for purchase from retailers from Wednesday.

The Beano, Boris Johnson, and Dominic Cummings

World News – GB – Dominic Cummings mocked the lockdown trip in the first adult Beano game
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