World News – GB – Dr Jill Biden: Meet Joe Biden’s wife and U.S. First Lady’s candidate for 2020


Dr Biden is often described as Joe Biden’s greatest advocate and one of his most trusted political advisers

Jill Biden spent eight years as a second lady under the Obama administration, but her very personal nine-minute live speech to the Democratic Convention in August, from an empty classroom at the high school where she taught, was his first official introduction to most of the American public

A self-proclaimed introvert, Dr Biden has always been reluctant to step into the political limelight, though she is often described as Joe Biden’s greatest supporter and one of his best assets.She is also said to be one of his most trusted political advisers, playing a central role in helping Mr. Biden to narrow his list of potential candidates

« Are you ready? » she tweeted Kamala Harris’ husband Douglas Emhoff in a message of support after the California senator was named Democratic running mate

She knows better than anyone the importance of a strong bond between the first and the second spouse: the fast friendship between herself and Michelle Obama would have been as strong as the famous « bromance » of their husbands, this which led them to team up on education initiatives and the Joining Forces program to support military families

« Jill is not only brilliant, but she’s nice She’s very funny and she’s one of the strongest people I know, » Mrs. Obama said at their last joint power event « And I love and admire him with all my heart »

Ahead of Dr. Biden’s speech at the convention, Mrs. Obama paid tribute to her « partner in crime » in an Instagram post, saying: « There is no doubt in my mind that Jill will make a wonderful First Lady « 

Can’t wait for Jill Biden’s speech tonight I’m so lucky I got to know her while we were in the White House She was my partner in crime, really, working together to honor the tremendous service and sacrifice of our veterans and military families We hosted baby showers for military spouses, stopped by Sesame Street with military kids, visited wounded warriors and their families, and so much more.And through it all, his huge heart and her ready smile were always there, not just for me but for everyone she met Because Jill Biden is one of the most grounded people you’ll ever meet, inside or outside of politics Elle is just a breath of fresh air without an ounce of pretension She’s funny, often playing tricks on her staff like hiding in an overhead compartment to scare them off And she’s passionate, loyal and hardworking – as she showed in continuing to teach at a nearby community college, often jotting down articles on long trips for official events There’s no doubt in my mind that Jill will make a wonderful First Lady So hope you watch it tonight And if you haven’t yet, I hope you plan to vote early, in person or by mail

The role, as Mrs. Obama knows, is odd: Even though this is an unelected post, it can prove crucial to reaching the voting groups that a candidate cannot. ‘one of M’s strongest cards Biden is that he’s not Donald Trump, so in an election where female voters can play a decisive role in the outcome, his wife may hold a trump card by not being Melania

While the extremely private Mrs Trump made only rare and enigmatic appearances on stage with her husband and was caught up in plagiarism allegations after her 2016 campaign speech, Dr Biden was happy to answering tough questions about her husband’s record during the rounds of morning TV interviews, giving American audiences a glimpse of what kind of First Lady she would make

The 69-year-old first caught the attention of voters during this election campaign when she rushed to protect her 77-year-old husband after vegan protesters rushed onto stage during of a return speech in Los Angeles in March But during their 43-year marriage, she did not always support her husband’s presidential ambitions

She has already told how in 2004, when Mr. Biden was under pressure to run for the White House, she was totally against the idea So much so that when a group of supporters showed up to their home in Delaware to convince Mr. Biden to introduce herself, she walked into the room in nothing but a bikini with « no » written on her stomach

« It caught her attention. I won’t tell you who was sitting in that room, but they got the message, » she told Vogue earlier this year

His opinion on the matter changed, however, when George W Bush was re-elected in 2004 Such was her disappointment at the result she wore black for a week When she finally came out of mourning over the election result, she urged her husband to run in 2008

In addition to defending the political career of M Biden, she was protective of hers: breaking with the tradition of continuing to teach English full time at a community college during her eight years as Second Lady under Barack Obama’s administration, this which would make her the first to take up paid employment during her tenure

« Being a teacher is not what I do but who I am, » she wrote in her 2019 memoir, Where the Light Inters, describing « falling out in a cocktail dress and heels’ in the school bathroom to make it a white Home reception or notes notes on Air Force Two, tastefully

Dr Biden, who earned four degrees while raising her family, including a doctorate in education from the University of Delaware, said she intends to continue teaching alongside her duties as First Lady if her husband goes to the White House

It was at a Delaware high school where she taught in the ’90s that she gave the moving speech at the Virtual Democratic National Convention, promising that classrooms across the country will « ring the bell again. laughter and possibility ”if her husband became President

The speech also touched on the Biden family’s encounters with the tragedy, with Dr Biden describing how she met the family after M’s first wife and baby girl Biden were killed in a car crash in 1972, leaving him to raise his three and four year olds – one year old son, Beau and Hunter, alone

In a remark that will resonate with many relatives of coronavirus victims, she spoke about what it takes to ‘make a broken family’

The couple were introduced on a blind date in 1975 and married in 1977 Although Joe had to propose five times before he said yes: having married young and divorced at 24, she said that she had to be « 100% sure that this marriage would last until death do us part », so that her sons would not lose another mother

She went on to raise the boys as her own, alongside Ashley, the daughter she had with Joe in 1981.But tragedy struck the Biden family again in 2015, when Beau passed away from a brain cancer

In her speech, Jill drew parallels with her husband’s experience leading her family in personal adversity and what she described as her ability to lead the country through its current crises, telling viewers that his « strength of will is unstoppable »

The speech – the most publicized to date – marked a significant development for the initially reluctant political wife

In her memoir, she writes that she has no desire to « give speeches, anytime, anywhere – just the thought of doing it made me so nervous that I felt sick « 

She has become one of her husband’s most prominent substitutes on this year’s election campaign, appearing regularly in virtual events, headlining city halls and organizing appeals with supporters

However, her inner circle rebuffed the suggestion of becoming a political adviser, insisting that their relationship is much more nuanced

« He’s got plenty of political advisers. That’s not what she is, » said Cathy Russell, who was Dr. Biden’s chief of staff during the Obama administration and is now vice president of the campaign. « She’s his wife, she loves her, and she talks to him about all kinds of things, but she has a unique role, and she’s not that of a political adviser. It’s not her thing »

Dr. Biden’s speech at the convention also showcased his more personal side, detailing his love of running as well as his mischievous sense of fun, with his grandchildren telling trivia involving his practical jokes

Her speech was even applauded by Republicans, including Senator Lindsey Graham, key ally of Donald Trump « Jill Biden has done a very good job representing herself and Joe in the causes they believe in. an exceptional person who has led a consistent life, ”he tweeted

The 69-year-old’s biggest fan is undoubtedly Joe, who often proudly refers to himself as « Jill Biden’s husband » – and introduced himself as such when he leapt across the screen to congratulate her at the end of her live speech; his first official appearance since becoming the Democratic presidential candidate

« Just think of your favorite educator who gave you the confidence to believe in yourself is the kind of First Lady Jill, » he told the audience

His address to voters was a promise to mend the « broken » American family If the rave reviews of his address are any measure, she has already won many hearts

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World News – UK – Dr Jill Biden: Meet Joe Biden’s Wife and US First Lady’s Candidate for 2020


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