World News – GB – Drunk woman orders hamburger with ‘no onion, no bread, no patty’ and gets ketchup pouches


People do silly things while intoxicated and this woman has set the bar for the most bizarre drunkenness order, high enough

McDonald’s allows customers to customize their orders to suit their taste or needs, like adding extra pickles or holding the cheese – this woman, it seems, in her hangover state, decided that she was in the mood for ketchup

She ordered a McDonald’s burger with no onion, no mustard, no pickle and ummm no bun and no patty too

Katie Poole from Toronto, Canada ordered a burger and was very specific about what she ordered and ended up only getting ketchup

« So we had a few drinks last night – Katie decides a McDonald’s burger is going to cure her hangover Now Katie is the type of person who will make changes to a classic – ‘no pickles, no onions’, etc. So that’s what she ordered: « No pickles, no onions, no mustard, no bread, no pancakes » « her husband, Jody, wrote on Instagram sharing a photo of the receipt from the command

« They literally sent us 2 packets of ketchup !!!! Hahahahaha, » Jody said

McDonald’s unusual order has left internet users divided

One user said: « This is my favorite thing I’m still kidding OMG » Another wrote: « I’ve heard of ‘do like you’ but at least you must have it »

Well, it sure is a special order. What is the strangest order you placed while you were drunk?

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News from the world – GB – Drunk woman orders hamburger with « no onions, no bread, no galette ”, gets sachets of ketchup



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