World News – GB – Eamonn Holmes lets This Morning viewers ‘spit their tea’ with innuendo


Eamonn Holmes congratulated vet Scott Miller on his kitten on Friday this morning, but the remark was interpreted in a different way by shocked viewers of the ITV show

Eamonn Holmes let This Morning viewers « spit their tea » on Friday’s show when he appeared to make an innuendo

Before a segment with vet Scott Miller, the 60-year-old hosted the animal expert on the show with his wife Ruth Langsford

Plugging in the segment, which aimed to debunk myths surrounding black cats, Eamonn said, « Are you superstitious about things like a black cat coming your way? »

Suddenly, Scott appeared onscreen with a black kitten cradled in his arms, as Eamonn exclaimed, « Nice p *** y! »

Ruth did her best to suppress a laugh, while Scott was somewhat less successful, as her laughter broke out during the interview

Meanwhile, on Twitter, viewers were taken aback by the expression, with many associating the term « p *** y » with the slang word for female genitals – although it also refers to cats

Later in the episode, TV vet Scott visited an animal sanctuary in Shropshire to investigate the superstition surrounding black cats

Speaking to volunteers at the shelter, Scott learned that black kittens are often the last to be adopted by owners, as viewers always associate them with spooky superstition

One of the workers at the center explained that black cats « don’t photograph very well, » before adding: « So when people look online they often go for the prettiest colors and those – these are often left on the shelf »

Showing a variety of adorable black cats available for adoption, Scott urged viewers to give furballs a chance

Praising the kittens on display in ITV studios, Eamonn conceded: « Absolutely magnificent beasts, it must be said »

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World News – UK – Eamonn Holmes lets This Morning viewers ‘spit their tea’ with innuendo



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