World News – GB – EastEnders’ Danny Dyer viciously beats’ f ** king ‘who irritates Joe Wicks


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EastEnders star Danny Dyer has said he’d hate being stuck in a pub with Joe Wicks because he’s’ so irritating’

Danny Dyer made his feelings about Joe Wicks crystal clear when he described the fitness fanatic as « irritating ». .

The 43-year-old EastEnders star claimed the 34-year-old body coach had no jokes and if he met him one night it would be the most boring night in history.

The Mick Carter actor shared his dislike of fitness stars on his « Sorted With The Dyers » podcast when he claimed health-conscious celebrities had « absolutely no charisma. ». .

In a vicious chatter, Danny insisted that he had never met a healthy, healthy man who didn’t irritate.

The soap star raged: « I’ve met a lot of people who are as healthy as F ** K, and I look at their bodies and I go: ‘Look at you, you’re cracked on F ** K. « I’m going » Wow. ‘

« Then they open their mouths and have absolutely no charisma and no dialogue. I’ve never met a really healthy, healthy man who doesn’t irritate. ”

Danny went on to share his feelings about popular fitness star Joe Wicks who got the nation working out with his daily physical education class during the first coronavirus lockdown.

Though outspoken EastEnders star gave Joe credit where it was due, he said he couldn’t help but find the father of two « so irritating ». .

« I won’t be mad at him. This man’s heart is in the right place – but everything about him is so irritating. Maybe because I’m jealous of his body or his hair?

« I don’t want to be one on one with him like I’m playing snooker. I think he wouldn’t do it for you, and how could you go out to dinner with him? When you know he’s looking at you with his side eye.

« Look, Joe Wicks, I’m sure he’s a lovely cat. But it’s too much. Because everything that comes out of their mouth is about food and nutrition and staying “healthy and positive” and all those kinds of capers. « 

The popular actor recently built a gym in his backyard and said he even took up yin yoga.

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World News – GB – Danny Dyer of EastEnders viciously beats the king who irritates Joe Wicks



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