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This latest UN move will hopefully provide the necessary pressure on Myanmar to act in the end

It is very encouraging that the United Nations has adopted a resolution calling for an urgent solution to the Rohingya crisis, a resolution which has been sponsored by 104 member states, including the United States, Canada and Australia, which indicates that the world is finally united in the struggle for community rights The persecuted Rohingya.

About 1. One million Rohingya refugees now reside within the borders of Bangladesh, and the government of Bangladesh has gone above the call of duty in order to ensure that they have adequate food, aid and shelter – a humanitarian action to which the decision has deeply appreciated. .

The Rohingya refugees remain one of the most persecuted societies in the world and represent one of the worst humanitarian crises in contemporary history, having suffered immeasurable violence at the hands of the Myanmar army, which preemptively pushed for the ethnic cleansing of Arakan, the region of Rohingya presence.

The UN resolution, entitled « The human rights situation for the Rohingya Muslims and other minorities and Myanmar », calls on Myanmar to address the root causes of the Rohingya crisis and grant them citizenship, thus allowing them to return to their country of Rakhine with all their rights guaranteed.

As the resolution rightly indicated, this can only be done if Myanmar acknowledges the brutality committed by its army against the Rohingya people and the systematic blind intolerance affecting their presence, and thus, allows for a path through which those responsible for their actions can be held responsible and punished.

Without recognition, justice and a conducive environment that allows for the voluntary return of the Rohingya people, resolving the crisis is impossible.

The Rohingya have suffered at the hands of Myanmar for a long time. It is hoped that this latest move by the United Nations will provide the necessary pressure on Myanmar to act permanently and resolve the crisis once and for all. .

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World News – GB – ED: A much – a UN resolution is required in the end


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