World News – GB – Eddie Redmayne defends JK Rowling against Internet « vitriol »


Eddie Redmayne – a cisgender man who played a transgender woman in 2015 – defends author JK Rowling in the face of widespread criticism for his transphobic comments and tweets

Redmayne told the Daily Mail Rowling was getting an alarming « vitriol » on social media and called it « absolutely disgusting »

He was so upset that Rowling was facing criticism for his anti-transgender tweets and wandering 3,700-word rant against transgender people that he sent him a personal note of support, he said. / p>

Redmayne, who pointed out that he has “trans friends and colleagues,” knows Rowling from his work on two Fantastic Beasts films, based on books written by Rowling. He is currently working on a third Fantastic Beasts film

He also condemned those who harass transgender people on social media as « just as disgusting » as those who criticize Rowling

« Likewise, there continues to be a horrific torrent of abuse against trans people online and in the world which is devastating, » he said.

Redmayne played transgender painter Lili Elbe in the movie The Danish Girl, although he is neither a woman nor a transgender person. He was nominated for an Oscar for « Best Actor » for his work in the movie

« The Danish girl’s struggle to portray Lili Elbe’s story amplifies not only Redmayne and [director Tom] Hooper’s most egregious weaknesses, but also the cisnormative gaze of the transgender community, » Carol wrote. Grant in IndieWire at the time

« You get that in Redmayne’s performance, of course, but instead of coming close to a single individual, he comes close to femininity herself, increasing his exaggerated and nervous physical ticks to 11 when he plays. « Lili before and after her transition

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World News – UK – Eddie Redmayne defends JK Rowling against the « vitriol » of the Internet


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