World News – GB – Eifel Grand Prix 2020, F1 qualifying: updates live from the Nurburgring as Nico Hulkenberg replaces Lance Stroll


Hamilton escaped in the first round, which would have cost him about a tenth Encore everything to play

I think Ricciardo maybe was out with used tires or made a mess on his knees since he’s currently 11s out of Ocon’s time and that really hasn’t been the case this season No one so good tour d’Albon, 0541s out of the time of VerstappenÂ

He had made a hash of it in the previous two sessions Verstappen now beats this, however, an interesting tenth faster

Hamilton crosses the line with a 120825 Bottas beats him by 0013s but what can Verstappen do? He’s on a good ride here

Both McLarens come out first but on used soft tires So don’t expect them to set the world on fire on those first descents Confirmed that everyone in the top 10 will also start tomorrow on the tires tender

I don’t know what’s going on for Bottas, but he hasn’t been anywhere near Hamilton in both Verstappen sessions, however, has

He needs to find a turn to get Vettel going 10th but for how long? Leclerc could knock him out! And he does! Leclerc in fifth position, pushing his teammate out of the Superb lap session

Ricciardo giving him whole beans on a hot lap Currently 10th so we would have to find some time here He is improving as it is His time is good enough for the fourth He should be through Ocon only sixth, two tenths behind Magnussen can he come out? No 11th Norris hopes to improve he does, in sixth

He has 04s on Verstappen after two sectors He goes to 0251s slower at the end of the lap What is Hamilton doing? Do you dive into the stands, surely? Maybe not, it looks like he’s going

He ends up 033s faster than Verstappen, although the Dutchman completed his lap about five or 10 minutes ago Bottas’ poor lap again, however 06s less on Hamilton on the same tires and under similar conditions

Bottas made a mess with his first and is risking going out He will have to end his round here, he can’t risk not finishing it as is, or he could be out Expect Hamilton not to finish his turn this time around, however

And do another run It didn’t seem to work for them the first time around and I would suggest putting the softs on would be the best option, but they must know something I don’t know Leclerc’s turn on mediums does is not so bad

Just like Bottas Hamilton faster in the first sector and in the second He had half a second on Bottas in S1 with Bottas almost 0 8s behind at the end of the lap and it is quite mediocre Leclerc a tenth more about and Vettel another 06s behind that

15 minutes left Mercedes comes out early and on mids How will they react to cold temperatures?

Training laps: 0 € Time spent in the car: ð ?????? minutesGap to Q2: Just 0 € 4â ?? £ seconds A mega effort from @HulkHulkenberg ð ???? ª # Hulkenback # F1 #EifelGP picTwittercom / uhbSVIDypx

So hard to jump in that car without running at all and do it If it was a 25 minute session maybe he would have crossed Or much closer

Not much, really Will have a better idea of ​​where this Red Bull is after Q2

Both cars are in Q2 Lando finishes P4, Carlos P14 It’s time to go back #EifelGP ð ???? © ð ???? ª picTwittercom / 94tsrhvzCw

Hulkenberg has improved, however, can he come out of the last one? No but he’s only 17s out of the ultimate pace It was a rough ride as he pushed it to the max Three lock-ups in total and maybe he could have passed with a cleaner lap But it was a great demand

Would need the Williams to find 08 which could be a bit too much Russell only improves to go 14th so I think he might have some problems here Raikkonen can’t get out of the last five, Giovinazzi passes 14th and outside, but for how long? Hulkenberg makes a mess on his knees, but not Perez! It is through and in P9Â

Verstappen still the fastest and none of the top four (Verstappen, Bottas, Hamilton or Leclerc) come out Could this be costly for one of them?

Yeah, times are falling. It’s six tenths of what he needs to find after two sectors, I think. What’s his last time? 128458 which puts him 19th I suspect he will do another recovery lap, then another hot lap It wasn’t a brilliant lap and he got locked up on the long hairpin at the bottom of the circuit

Bottas currently 025s off and Hamilton 03 on this time, the two Mercedes having completed two laps Verstappen only made one The improvement of the track seems enormous, however, as Magnussen passes sixth with Grosjean fifth (for the moment, although his turn may be deleted)

He must find 17s in the current state of affairs Yet not to finish last would be an achievement given the time he had to prepare for this

Latifi is doing his best to get out of the drop zone. Can he do it? Yes, in 13 this time Will he stay there? I doubt it Good lap though, a tenth ahead of his teammate George RussellÂ

That’s good, although he is still the slowest The hope is that at the end of the 18 minutes he will be able to challenge to leave the session

Currently the fastest in S1, what can he do in S2? The fastest here too and by almost four tenths S3 isn’t much, so it should be comfortably the fastest for Red Bull Yes – by 0384 overall It’s impressive at this point Leclerc came in third , dividing the MercsÂ

Norris was a few tenths faster before Hamilton and Bottas beat him with a good margin Hamilton two tenths ahead of Bottas Norris 076s behind HamiltonÂ

If it’s less than 1min30Â then that’s not too bad It’s a 132190, i.e. 3220s slower than Romain Grosjean’s fastest time to date Magnussen had his lap canceled for a runway limits

No surprise there We suspect he’ll do a few laps on moderate fuel to get used to the conditions The rest of the cars are Williams, Haas, Alfa Romeos Norris Well a good number over there now And the weather is nice

Predictions? Mercedes has this very important dual axis steering which helps warm up the tires Unfortunately I can’t see past them And why would you? It’s cold, it’s true, but it’s cold for everyone Maybe the gap maybe smaller than it was, but it will still be a shock if they don’t take not the pole or even do not block the first row I think Hulkenberg could get out of Q1, just

There is just enough time to catch up with our solo practice before qualifying! See what happened ð ???? ¥ ð ?????? # EifelGP ð ???? © ð ???? ª # F1

I dare say, as it’s that cold, there will be a few more in qualifying I count at least one car in the barriers or deep in the gravel in the session

But he’s still looking for a good shout to get a seat in F1 next year. He currently leads the F2 championship by 22 points with four races to go But how good is he? We take a look and give you an overview here

Obviously it’s crucial for Bottas to get this win under his belt last time in Sochi and a few more points in front of Hamilton here wouldn’t hurt either Hamilton really needs to have a full Snafu at some point, however The Battle for the Fourth looks pretty tasty

He’s back @ HulkHulkenberg will be driving for @ RacingPointF1 in qualifying and Grand Prix this weekend at the Nurburgring! #EifelGP ð ???? © ð ???? ª # F1 picTwittercom / y1NZAO8e9a

 He was heading towards the circuit anyway, so it was a chance for Racing Point The problem is that he will have to race in qualifying without any laps on the board However, at least the rest of the field has only  » one hour of practice, rather than the usual four It’s not as bad as it could be However it will be a great achievement if Hulkenberg can get out of Q1 I think he will be the first to use a bunch of softs and a fair amount of fuel to get used to under the conditions

It’s ANOTHER comeback for Nico Hulkenberg We think His place at the wheel remains to be confirmed

We’ve been here for a few years so @LandoNorris and @Charles_Leclerc decided to start the party a little early! ð ?? ¥ ³ # EifelGP ð ???? © ð ???? ª # F1 picTwittercom / RUS5BU0TcU

And welcome to our live blog for qualifying for the 2020 Eifel Grand Prix at the Nurburgring This is, in some ways, a Grand Prix of the unexpected We were never meant to be here first take place, but the coronavirus pandemic has ended in the 2020 F1 calendar, which doesn’t look like what it was supposed to look like But that’s not a bad thing Another unexpected was the fact that the two practice sessions on Friday did not take place It rained all day, yes, but the main problem was that the conditions were not good enough for the medical helicopter to take off on the circuit and land at the hospital about 50 km from Koblenz

It was a great shame as it refused Mick Schumacher and Callum Ilott to appear in FP1 for Alfa Romeo and Haas respectively, in what would have been their first involvement in a Grand Prix weekend

Fortunately the weather has improved and it is now quite sunny at the Nürburgring, although the temperature will be in single digits for the rest of the weekend Not the usual temperatures of F1 cars And, of course, it there will be much less data for teams and drivers after just one hour of practice completed before qualifying begins That could make things particularly interesting in qualifying. Well we hope it will be anyway

Still, some things never change, like Mercedes being the fastest in almost all conditions This was again the case in FP3 this morning with Valtteri Bottas leading Lewis Hamilton, ahead of Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc If you think unusual temperatures will bother Mercedes a lot, I would seriously ask you to think againÂ

The other â ???? or maybe most â ???? Important news so far, however, is that Lance Stroll did not make the morning practice for Racing Point because he was feeling bad.Given this it seems incredibly unlikely that he will participate in qualifying and the race. , so the team once again called on super sub Nico Hulkenberg to replace him We don’t know exactly how it goes yet, other than that he’s on the track We’ll wait and see

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World News – GB – 2020 Eifel Grand Prix, F1 Qualifying: Live updates from the Nurburgring as Nico Hulkenberg replaces Lance Stroll


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