World News – GB – Emmerdale spoilers: Mandy Dingle and Paddy Kirk over ‘deal’ as fans plead for reunion


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Mandy (played by Lisa Riley) was on a mission to try and cheer Paddy (Dominic Brunt) up as Emmerdale’s vet continued to have relationship issues with her partner, Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) so As her own romance with Paul Ashdale (Reece Dinsdale) continues to flourish, even though she doesn’t realize he’s struggling with a betting addiction, the comedic character thought she might prevent her cousin from parting ways. his other half However, as the former husband and wife spoke about their pasts, it looked like there was still a spark between the two, leading viewers to predict that a twist in the affair is on the way. to be broadcast on the ITV soap opera

After catching Chas flirting with handsome businessman Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) for the past few weeks, Paddy was feeling depressed

Pouring his drunken heart out to his ex-wife, the vet said: « 20 years after our separation I’m still wrong I still make huge mistakes »

A solum Mandy replied: « You weren’t wrong with me I managed to screw it up and sure enough it took me a long time to achieve it

« I was so stubborn at the time, desperate to convince myself that I had done the right thing I hadn’t thought of

« You never deserved to be treated like this and my cheating on you made everyone understand that I didn’t deserve you »

After Paddy confessed that he had never heard his ex-wife say this before, she added, “No? I’m saying it now You were the first man to really love me

« But that’s in the past now, » she continued, before telling her ex-husband that he would put things in order with Chas

At the same time, the latter was talking with her cousin Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) and the father of her partner, Bear Wolf (Joshua Richards) about his eventful relationship.

Having just hung up on his partner, who wanted to drink more with his ex-wife, the head of Woolpack said: « I told him you wanted to talk, but he didn’t »

« Would he rather be on the spot with Mandy than come home with me and her daughter? » Chas asked, to which Marlon tried to put her down as his anger mounted

« He’s been drinking alcohol I think maybe he’s trying to make a point, » the chef remarked before his cousin asked, « Are you saying he is with Mandy to answer me for Al?

« I should have come home earlier, right? » the pub owner remarked as she appeared to suggest that she knew her husband was going to betray her

After the scenes, fans quickly took to Twitter to guess if an affair between Mandy and Paddy was actually going to happen

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A viewer posted on the social media platform: « Love these scenes of Paddy / Mandy Great chemistry between @dominicbrunt and @ Reallisariley #Emmerdale »

Another added: « I really want Paddy and Mandy to get back together. Their current two relationships are doomed #Emmerdale »

A third asked, « Can we find Mandy and Paddy please? » #Emmerdale « , commented a fourth: » Paddy has another drink with Mandy He puts his relationship with Chas in danger #Emmerdale « 

« Mandy sure won’t cheat on good old Paul, will she? #Emmerdale, » shared a fifth, with a sixth opinion: « That scene with Paddy and Mandy made up for it all Please give them all to us. #emmerdale day « 

It has not been revealed if Paddy and Mandy will end up in bed together or if he can stay true to his daughter’s mother

However, things don’t go well for Chas and her partner when he decides to leave her in next week’s episodes after months she has felt left out of his life

Actress Lucy, 43, is hopeful the couple can get through the tough times as she recently said: « I think they work wonderfully together In a Relationship you have two extreme sides

« They aren’t meant to be together on paper, but they work so well and they’ve been through so much You should never stay in a relationship because you’ve been through so much, but they work perfectly together »

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World News – UK – Emmerdale spoilers: Mandy Dingle and Paddy Kirk for a ‘ affair  » as fans plead for reunion


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