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It gets disjointed, both players are sorely missing, but then King rolls a long red into the green pocket, and suddenly the frame is within reach!

But then a simple black is missing! Luck for the king; he quickly loses his position but gets another one He does not find it easy there and has to play it safe soon; Allen, meanwhile, looks good until he misses, which happens more often than expected

He’s the king again first and he cuts his way through 27 but when a black only fits in half a pocket he’s imprecise enough to miss him Allen quickly repots balls and will feel like 3- 1 from here

King will be all the rage He fought so hard to get a whiff of the frame, then threw it away with a reckless moment This format treats this behavior with kindness

And it’s King who becomes the next shy! What a tax that would be! He makes his way up to 36, and pots the last red, then plays the table because any color will do. A flash of light! Easy green ran out of sight, colors faded in the dark, King was left alone

Yeah, it’s gonna be a quick yin Or is it? With 52 the difference and 59 on the table, Allen misses a black and ends up behind the brown which is behind the pink just behind the brake line

King gets the top spot at the table but can’t make it count and Allen quickly turns around her

Allen is in trouble or he looks like he is Because he’s stuck King behind the black It’s a good move, forcing the king to leave him a pot But he’s a tough one, and he leaves him ! King sees it far, and it’s 1-1

It’s won by King, who needs everything up to and including the pink for 1-1 The problem being that the pink is tight on the bottom pad It explodes in the blue, but doesn’t get not the action he seeks; the balls are close together, and they will soon be very far apart

Allen buttocks the rest that is missing the pocket in some way, and sucks it in some way; « The cut of the table, » postulates Neal Foulds, and a safety exchange begins

But he can only handle one more red, then Allen, unsure of what to do next, slams into the reds like he’s me playing Ron Gross’ in Neasden, circa 1997 Nothing goes down and he doesn’t. leaves nothing easy, but King ends up working on a pot to miss a single red in the middle I would expect Allen to punish for this, but it’s hard to win the frame from here because there is bullets on the cushions Yet he has a chance

I wouldn’t have chosen Akani to beat Maguire, although Maguire is capable of very intense nightmares Either way, King misses one, cutting the pink en route to the red – it doesn’t mean the form and touch it – then puts one on, but ends on nothing But it’s King who also next time except only up to 15 Allen looks ready, then grabs a thick red – not something no one has seen come, and King sets off again

The frame lasts longer than it should, but after an Allen foul and a bit of beating Allen takes it

Welcome to Allen’s Match Reducer He’s in good shape and a 69-point run more or less closes the frame, but allows King to return to the table to warm up

If Allen plays well King won’t be able to do much about it, but on a best of seven it doesn’t take much for anyone to beat anyone.But it’s Allen who starts the score, bringing a long red home, and his legendary cue ball control rolls him around the table

He says he played quite a bit at the end which is a generous praise for him, coming from him Next he says Ochoiski played good moves and looks like a « natural cueist », but said he continued to be punished for playing the right moves because Ochoiski wanted it all So he went « crash, bang wallop » and won, although he didn’t enjoy these kinds of matches, preferring him and Selby or Higgins – « You do that, I’m going to do that, trying to trick myself » He then says these matches are good practice for tournaments in China, which have a lot more prizes, and advertises again from his breast cancer charity Future Dreams saying he wants pink nails for the rest of his life

Where did he do it? Joe thinks it’s okay but Brian doesn’t, so he’s playing it safe Yes, but nothing’s safe with Ronnie O’Sullivan at the table, I hear you cry, and sure enough he’s bringing a red soon. top of the table in the green pocket Then when another red forces himself at home – « He surrendered » says Dave Hendon – the game is the game It was good, but finally here we are

Ronnie cuts into a long red, but the white comes too far behind the yellow He sinks into the pink but leaves nothing, then Brian sinks into the dark and lets Ronnie all catapult into the action with more robotic flair, developing choices and moving around the table, pulling the curtains and but then there’s a red missing in the middle! He left one in the yellow pocket!

It’s a really nice game, and O’Sullivan is nicely grooved. A fast 58 is enough to see the frame far away and it’s hard to see him lose from here

After a safety swap, Ochoiski absolutely hits a red, but with the deeper screw, seeking to force an angle on a color He’s close to pink and could try it in the green pocket like a no-nonsense shot , but chooses to play it safe He gets the next attempt, again good red, but again feels obligated to play it safe He attacked just about everything so you can forgive him – but maybe- will he forgive himself after catching black playing at the table? Ronnie will want to win the frame here

Yeah, time is up O’Sullivan throws a plant and plays a nice shot on the yellow to get back to the end of business, but he has bad luck when he walks into the peloton, good enough to chase him with a few large pots before finally running out He leaves nothing, however

It sounds like a long time, but Brian has to remember that he’s always playing well, because it’s Century 1063 comes in via yellow, and it turns out Ronnie O’Sullivan is pretty good at Super Match snooker, this

/ p>

Ochoiski is forced to take a long pot because there is nothing else, misses, and O’Sullivan plays a nice red along the top bar He sets out to make 2-2, developing the reds in familiar style; in the balls there is no such thing, the way he somehow combines flair and robotics

O’Sullivan could easily have lost that but didn’t Ochoiski, meanwhile, has to tell himself he’s still playing well, because he’s

Ronnie plays a gorgeous cannon over a red to make things easier, but then plays a different red for the blue when the black would have sealed the frame He has to come down to two reds on the top pad and misses the pot , allowing Ochoiski to come back to the table He takes a red and a black, needing to break all the balls to tie, but puts down a pool table that doesn’t work and ends up instead, O’Sullivan sticking it behind the pink and brown He’s making a mistake, and that’s more or less the frame

Ochoiski is missing a rose in the yellow pocket! I’m surprised he didn’t go in the middle, as did Joe (Johnson), but it did allow O’Sullivan with a few points exposed There’s work to be done and a lot, but no one is better equipped to do it

Brian knows how to get by with a pool table – he finds an angle on a red to push the white back like he’s been doing it all his life, which he’s probably done I wonder if Ronnie is always concerned that no good player will pass (although if you look at his point of view there never will be another) But take a look! They both have a try but can’t convert a red opener to points, then O’Sullivan leaves a simple start in the middle and it looks a lot like 0-3!

An O’Sullivan security mistake lets Brian in, but after slipping home the blue, he ends up behind the yellow; is this the turning point? No it’s not, he’s playing a nice breakout in the cluster which isn’t really a cluster Another security swap ensues, and O’Sulivan will be relieved to get away

The first picture was messy, but it’s different, a confident rampage around the table He made a 133 in the school q contest he won to get here, but THIS IS A CENTURY AGAINST RONNIE O’SULLIVAN! HE IS 21 YEARS OLD!

Very soon, Ochoiski will face a 2-0 against The Man. But he shows no signs of nervousness when he gets there, and why would he? He’s good at snooker, isn’t he? He cues beautifully, plays like someone who knows he can, and he’s not even a professional

At the European Masters, O’Sullivan lost to Aaron Hill in the first round; Hill is 18, Ochoiski 21 And what a pot he finds at O’Sullivan’s break, a long red stroked on the top left from a nice outing He then misses the black of his spot, but O’Sullivan leaves him one other and he sees it far As Hill and unlike Fan, who lost to Selby earlier, he came out excited to attack the game and show how good he is

But Ronnie also misses a red – Ochoiski can’t take advantage of it – but poor security keeps yerman back Ochoiski is a favorite here!

Ochoiski looks comfortable and calm there His father was the French champion, which tells you it’s been with him his entire life, and he plays like he’s doing something extremely natural But on 44 he runs slightly out of position and misses a red in the middle Don’t give a sucker equal break

Ronnie had his nails painted pink, to support the Breast Cancer Charity Future Dreams Anyway, TMNPETPUAC pot a red that Ochoiski does the same, with neither one could find a next color But then Ochoiski misses one and this time the Rocket gets involved, working around the table with the usual momentum His snooker brain is really something else – the way he plots his routes to give himself as many options as possible is miles ahead of anything we’ve seen, but then he leaves a long rose in his pocket. yellow and sends it in the near the joint Good luck for Ochoiski, this

Hello again Tonight we will be watching Ronnie O’Sullivan vs. Brian Ochoiski from France; not a lot of snookerers from this neck of the woods – but we also have Mark Allen v Mark King, who should be a belter

It must be a real disgust for White, who worked so hard to create this break to miss a shot much easier than others that he sank. Eventually he makes a mistake, and that’s it – Holt advances to the round of 16, where he will play Zak Surety or Lu Ning

Holt erases the green, brown and blue, then they chase the pink and black around; Jimmy needs two snookers Good luck old man

A glorious red, cut from the middle of the side pad to the top left, gives Jimmy a real chance to steal that but then he crushes the green and throws the rest! James mood!

Hello! Jimmy slips into a very tough long red – white is close to the bottom cushion and red is most of the table, a good foot diagonally out of the pocket But he spots it beautifully, and now needs to knowingly clear up because everything is missing and its curtains

Holt played really well today – his decision making was excellent, and he also put in some key balls, a decent effort from someone suffering a lot of nerves Fifty-three in front he has a decision Take it: is he plucking the remaining loose red, or is he going in the bunch on the blue, given the angle presented to him? He opts for the latter, misses the field and must now play cautiously with 72 still on the table

Holt is first and comes in at 33 before splitting the pack from black Black is fine but the split doesn’t so it’s the end of the break, white still down on the business side of the table and leaving a tempting double But Jimmy misses him, and maybe that’s it

Holt is playing pretty well here, and Jimmy’s failure to create an effective pool table ultimately allows him to send the green It’s almost done

Holt is out of position and White needs a pool table, but the final red and pink are behind the hold line, so there’s a lot of reach Jimmy wraps the final red and a black with it, then makes a weak effort to put down the crucial pool table

A gorgeous long red pulls Holt away, cut tight at the top right Suddenly an unappealing table looks a lot more appetizing and Holt pulls away quickly It’s a good chance to go up two on three to play

Jimmy dumps a red but ends up on nothing, so snuggles behind the yellow A foul from Michael brings him back to the table, but he can only manage 29 before he has to play it safe Yet he gets a decent cock so will want to dictate to him from here

Nice streak of 66 sets the frame It’s always great to see a player weigh the risk and reward, pick the last option, nail it and enjoy it Although not as funny as seeing all the bars above , the final aspect

Jimmy runs roughly a red, but an imperfect connection leaves him with a harder black than expected and he misses it a lot, grabbing it thick and hitting the near knuckle Holt then sets off, slipping a nice red in the middle as he looked like he had to play it safe, e and he looks set to reap the rewards by compiling a decisive contribution

Another good long red kicks Holt off, but he can’t capitalize, and ends up grabbing the middle phalanx trying to play clearing up the table Jimmy quickly sends a red and that’s a decent chance

Holt has the next round, 24, knocking out the remaining colors, after which he sticks the white behind the brown side, cushion side, with the yellow the hold line behind the green Jimmy escapes then hits another snooker, forcing Holt to concede

Now that’s cool Jimmy absolutely dematerializes a delicate pink in the middle, taking white around the corners, and soon after finds himself 54 in front with 51 on the left He secures the frame with a blue – Holt has now need two pool tables – but Jimmy immediately gives him one by missing the red trying to catch him thin Holt duly returns to the table

He has it now! Without a safe option, he pushes in a nice starter at the top right and starts removing the balls the old way

Holt misses a red but a kiss on another red knocks him down A yellow follows, then a long pause as he weighs the works of Harold Pinter before sliding a nice pot in the middle But he just sticks out time later, forced to play carefully Jimmy has not yet potted a ball

Holt’s third break goes off, leaving White in need of two snookers, so he returns to the table – to get the most out of it, I imagine

My computer crashes but Holt is at 40 via two visits, then a good long red puts him in first position to mount one He looks good,

Perhaps the greatest player to ever win a world title moves on in the second round, dropping from 0 to 3 to beat Si Jiahui He then plays Ian Burns or Luca Brecel

After winning the first frame on black, Lyu Haotian’s 114, 87 and 86 heats see It is superb work done from a tough draw, and Robertson then meets Tian Pengfei or Mark Joyce; they are currently locked at 2-2

Robertson thinks hard before placing a red in the center that allows him to go black – he worked really well on that one He’s so awesome to watch when he plays like that, and he speeds up as the line goes. arrival is approaching; Lyu is done and he knows it, just as he knows things could have turned out very differently if he had taken that first image

There is a bit of play out of the peloton and back, but before entering re-rack territory Lyu enters but only for five So more safety follows before Lyu takes a very hard red , cutting a half ball to the corner but misses Can Robertson take advantage of a crowded table?

Robertson rolls home with a tough pink – the last obvious hurdle for him winning the frame – and I would expect another ton here He states so nicely – in the comments Joe Johnson compares him to Shaun Murphy , another natural Both should have won more than one world title each, but their lower tier is not as high as others with a lower upper tier

If Robertson finishes this one quickly, we’ll have Jimmy White on that table next He’s in great shape, he just went from 0 to 4 to beat Ken Doherty in the senior world final, and plays Michael Holt. to be a belter

Lyu is in trouble here Robertson comes in first and smashes the peloton in no time, and he behaves like an absolute boss

My system crashes but it’s not enough to stop Robertson, who lands the frame with a stroke of 114

Robertson turns this break into a tough one, but two brilliant salvage pots put him in control

Lyu enters first but suffers a black worried about missing him, which leaves him a difficult red He makes his jaws tremble, and given the state of the table, that might be enough to set the frame

Lyu grabs the far too thin blue, leaving it on the top left, and that will be it. This was a really nice setting

Lyu has to use the rest and he’s missing! But the blue wraps tightly on the upper cushion, so it goes down to the thread

Excellent safety from Lyu leaves Robertson stuck behind the blue – this could be the frame’s defining shot.But Robertson is doing really well to hit him and get him to safety, so it’s off again and Lyu puts him in a position similar! This time Robertson disrupts the brown and leaves a tough cut on the green and it’s there! Lyu flips over the table three times, but can he force brown to take an angle on blue? Kind of

Thinking about brown, Robertson tries to force green, and he pulls out of the pocket There’s work to be done

Lyu tries to get the reds to safety, but it’s Robertson who becomes the next shy, adding a red and a yellow; if he gets the next red it might be the end of the frame, but he chews it on, so the same rules apply when Lyu arrives for his visit he slams to the upper left corner but the ball spins before launching into the other turn and rebounding Robertson has a good chance of scoring this, but brown is on the bottom pad and blue near the side – on the wrong side for the Australian left-hander Meanwhile, Martyn Gould, who lost a final decider to Selby in the final of the last tournament, is already out of it The snooker is hard

Eesh Lyu misses a bruise in the yellow pocket which brings Robertson to a table that, thanks to Lyu’s hard work, looks extremely inviting It looks disturbing, but Robertson gets past white, meaning he can’t reach his red expected, and that framework will likely be sorted out by the security exchange we’re about to take advantage of

A stray red walks towards the yellow pocket and Robertson sees it in the distance, but misses a delicate blue from its spot in the upper left; not easy, but you expected him to disappear This brings Lyu to the table, and a nice photo on the green, taking him into the peloton, opens the table for him It’s a chance

He says it’s hard to play in front of any crowd, especially as the defending champion when you expect it to be an event But he wondered if it was easier for him than Fan because of his experience , and with a prompt said that Fan can probably play better but appeared to be shot after dropping the first two frames, that he could have won either one or the other. Alan McManus says Fang and his ilk don’t have much of a chance to play the best players, so you have to do better than him

Selby is also playing a bit faster in the reds and aiming better than before, an improvement he credits to the aforementioned Henry

Here we go Selby meets Chang Bingyu or Aaron Hill – who beat Ronnie O’Sullivan at the European Masters – next

Head’s Gone Territory Fan’s first red puts him out of position, so he skips a yellow and misses it by eons Selby then enters and leaves Fan behind the pink with him needing all the remaining points for a black repotted; a foul ensues, the yellow falls like a loose ball, because it’s over

Selby looks really good here – the work he did with Chris Henry, his new coach, seems to have restored his mojo The way he bounced back from that crushing Crucible half-defeat is extremely impressive, and it will take something big to stop it here that I type because there is a red missing in the middle

The fan comes in first with a red and a black, but then attacks a cannon with very little conviction – maybe the dud in the last frame is still on his mind – and Selby slams a long straight red C ‘is a very good shot indeed, and Selby will want to finish it on this visit Elsewhere, by the way, Ding Junhui drags Si Jiahui 3-0

Like many young players, Fan’s recall ball control isn’t where it needs to be. Forty Breaks Don’t Gain Frames and that’s a tough lesson about it, administered by one of the biggest via 70

A fan’s highest breakout as a pro is only 88, which would do for him here.But a bad shot on blue leaves him with a hard on red, and when he chews it off, he’s visibly upset, nodding and shaking his head Considering the spread of the reds I’m not sure he’ll have a chance at redemption in this frame, and after that Selbz will only need one more to win

Selby runs another long, thin red – looks like he’s indulging in a drink one afternoon, for those looking for inspiration – but can only go 21 before he has to play it safe and he hits red way too hard, leaving Fan with a mid-range red to kick in. Down it’s okay, and the fan goes

A long murderous blue and a soft pink, pretty pots a pair, stick Selby two to the right

The fan had chances in both frames, but wasn’t able to make them count. But what is it ?! Selby gets a bad touch on the brown, making the blue a tough pot, and he chews it! It works safely, but this framework is not finished!

An extended safety pass is won by Selby – I could just copy this line to my clipboard – when Fan takes an ambitious long red, misses and develops another He moves quickly ahead and needs yellow, green, brown and blue to secure the frame

It’s Selby who gets the next move, but can only handle a series of threes, bringing white back to the bottom cushion

The fan pot a tough pink and red, but just as the frame appears within reach it lacks position and plays decent security

Selby is quickly in frame two; you feel Fan has had and missed his chance, which has been around for a full length of time all at once But when Selby enters the peloton he doesn’t have the chance to finish on anything easy and grabs the nearby phalanx trying a red in the middle, leaving it as an easy starter Can Fan take advantage of it?

Selbz only comes in again to play pool himself; white and red end up separated by pink But Fan can’t sink the long red he needs to fly, and eventually the defending champion puts him to safety with a 33

Selby misses a red out of 36, but is immediately back at the table to crack home a formidable red But he misses the next long, played very slowly – I don’t know why he did that, because it’s right there for Fan now, who is sticking out There are four reds on the top pad, two and two, glued together, but before having to think about disturbing them, Fan manages to get into the middle after repotting the green; who is impressive, inspirational, assertive recklessness But his next chance is to turn down an opportunity to disturb the Reds, forcing him to play it safe I’m not sure that’s a wise tactic against Selbz

After a long look Selby sends out a long red, but since he doesn’t get a perfect connection he faces a difficult black which he cuts to the top left This is really very good and disturbing for Fang

A bad break from Fan allows Selbz to enter and he quickly sets off, only to find himself out of position and playing poor safety But Fan, who is so dominant with his left eye that the tail is almost against his cheek, can only rack up 23

The defending champion suddenly sounds like the ominous curse we all knew he was

I was once told, speaking of darts, that you have to make every tournament different and identifiable So here we go

All matches up to the last 16 are the best of the seven frames with a field of 128 players competing for the Steve Davis Trophy

Friday’s quarter-finals are the best of nine frames with the semi-finals on Saturday on the best of 11 frames and the final on Sunday October 18 on the best of 17 frames

Defending champion Mark Selby and world champion Ronnie O’Sullivan are among the big names competing for the English Open

Due to the global health crisis all ranking events are tentatively taking place behind closed doors in Milton Keynes, with the UK Championship still scheduled to be held at the Barbican Center in York from the second round in late November and early December

With no events in China this year, the organizers of the World Snooker Tour have made the decision to host three of the four Home Nations series before Christmas in Milton Keynes with the English Open followed by the Open d ‘Northern Ireland and Scottish Open All three tournaments are live on Eurosport and Quest

Selby – 9-8 winner against Martin Gould in the European Masters final – kicks off campaign against Chinese Fan Zhengyi on day one with O’Sullivan taking on French leader Brian Ochoiski later Monday

World number one Judd Trump will face rising star Louis Heathcote in his opener on Tuesday

This will be the fifth edition of the English Open with Stuart Bingham (2018), O’Sullivan (2017) and Liang Wenbo (2016) the other players to win the title

You can watch the entire tournament for £ 6.99 (monthly subscription), while an annual pass costs £ 39.99

Every day, Eurosport Player and the Eurosport app will broadcast uninterrupted bonus streams

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