World News – GB – Exclusive: Ole on Rashford, Pellistri and Newcastle


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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is looking for an answer from his Manchester United players when we travel to St James’ Park to face Newcastle United on Saturday night

The Reds have had to wait two long weeks since the loss to Tottenham Hotspur, with Ole also hoping his players would come back unscathed from the international break

Ahead of the test against Steve Bruce’s side, the boss spoke to Mark Sullivan about our Premier League clash against the Magpies, Marcus Rashford’s MBE and the arrival of youngster Facundo Pellistri

What is the status of everyone after the international break? « You never know [how the players are] until they come back and we’ve looked at them I think, and we hope everyone’s been alright Of course Alex [Such] has traveled the world He flew overnight and arrived on Thursday Harry [Maguire] seemed to take a little hit just before he was kicked out, so we’re watching him today to see how he’s doing « 

Could Alex Telles be involved against Newcastle and is he an option? « Yes of course I will talk to him today and make sure he feels up to it and hopefully we can get him to Newcastle »

Marcus Rashford’s MBE must be mentioned of course… “Yes of course It’s recognition of his fantastic work, the type of person he is and the way he cares about others It’s great for him, but I’m sure Marcus might come back to that later in his life in terms of what he’s accomplished.When you’re right in the middle, you just focus on the good on and off the pitch. , you don’t think of all the recognition I’m sure he and his family are proud, but it’s an integral part of being a role model, which he is « 

Have you spoken to Harry since his return? « Yes I have It was yesterday Of course it’s never easy when you lose a game and get sent off, but Harry is fine He’s a resilient guy he wants to bounce back and of course if he shake this blow, I hope it will be ready « 

Of the players who stayed here at the Aon training complex during the international break, how were the sessions going? “They trained well It’s not just about training hard, it’s also about having the right mindset and having the right environment to train, because it’s never easy when the last thing you do before a break like this is lose like we did [against Tottenham] But they worked well and hard They had a few days off last weekend but the atmosphere was good « 

You also had the opportunity to watch Facundo Pellistri closely in training… « Yes He’s a young boy from Uruguay It’s a signature in the tradition of what we do here, which is to attract young players and let them grow and develop and become the player they can be Of course, we’ll give him time He’s more partisan than now, but he’s exciting and he’s shown things in training that we don’t really have here I can’t wait to help him develop and grow help him settle down « 

You are without Anthony Martial thanks to the suspension and Edinson Cavani is not available for Saturday, so what do you think in offensive terms? the game and winning the game We had to wait for everyone to come back, hopefully fit and strong, and it looks like they are, so we’ll pick a team that we think will cause them problems Steve [Bruce ] did a fantastic job up there I have to say They had a very, very good start to the season with seven points already and through the Carabao Cup to the quarterfinals They did a good business and they are going to us making it harder With Allan Saint-Maximin, [Callum] Wilson, [Andy] Carroll, Joalinton, [Miguel] Almiron… whoever is up there, they’re going to cause us problems It’s never easy to play against Steve’s teams because they are also well organized defensively « 

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer reveals one of our internationals was hit ahead of the weekend

Goals have been a problem for them over the last few seasons, but they seem to have goals in this team now… « Yeah sure. You can see that when you put on top scorers like Wilson who was the one of the best strikers in the league in recent years and is still tough to face Saint-Maximin is exciting and you’ve got two target men, two old school target men in Joalinton and Carroll, so you know you’re definitely going to play against them. »

Manchester United v Newcastle is always a special game isn’t it, there is a bit of glamor about it… « It does and since I’ve been here we’ve had some fantastic matches against them We had good results and bad results, I remember being up there when we lost 5-0 once My first game for the club was in the Charity Shield at Wembley when we beat them 4-0 and I was on the bench We have had some fantastic games with great players on the pitch over the years Hope we are doing better than last year because last year has been a big disappointment We know we are going there- high against a good team that is difficult to play against, but we have to bounce back and give an answer « 

The game is at eight o’clock on a Saturday night – it’s a great time to play… « Yes, of course That’s what it is, you never know now from day to day what time you’re going playing in these uncertain times and eight o’clock gives some of our players more rest and more time to recover from the internationals so we are waiting « 

The new season is here Our 2020/21 home, away and third kits are now available from United Direct

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World news – GB – Exclusive: Ole over Rashford, Pellistri and Newcastle


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