World News – GB – Football fans laugh at EFL trophy after Papa John deal announced


Posted: 14:04 GMT, 28 October 2020 | Update: 14:04 GMT, October 28, 2020

Football fans reacted with a mixture of disbelief and hilarity after learning that the EFL Trophy was set to become the ‘Papa John Trophy’ following a lucrative sponsorship deal

The pizza takeout company has struck a deal with the English Football League to have its name and logo affixed across the entire competition for the next three years

And, after the news broke by the EFL on the social media platform Twitter, fans quickly piled up with taunts and criticism, with many agreeing that the league competition lower had become completely devalued as a result

The EFL Trophy will now be known as the “Papa John Trophy” for at least three years

Another added: «  Like this trophy can’t get tin point anymore,  » while other users online took a more pun based approach and commented: «  I don’t have pizza this, make one ‘

Announcing the deal on its official website, the EFL wrote: ‘The exclusive partnership, which will last at least until the end of the 2022/23 season, sees the competition become known as’ Papa John’s Trophy ‘with effect

‘In addition to the title sponsorship, Papa John’s will also be the official EFL pizza’

EFL Commercial Director Ben Wright said: “The EFL is delighted to welcome Papa John’s as Main Sponsor of the EFL Trophy and a new addition to the League’s portfolio of partners

« As we continue to navigate through the difficult times presented by the coronavirus pandemic, this speaks to the growing appeal of the EFL that we are able to attract new partners and invest the costs sponsorship in the competition through payments to clubs, which is important during this difficult time

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World News – GB – Football fans laugh at EFL trophy after announcement of Dad john


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