World news – GB – forces scrambled to find the chief of the army after he was shot down in a wrong field


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The forces searched for the army chief last night after he was « missing in action » on the Salisbury Plain

General Sir Mark Carleton Smith, a former SAS commander, was shot down in the wrong field on a visit to the 300-square-mile training area

General Carleton Smith jumped out of the helicopter and realized he was only lost when the helicopter flew away and there was no one to meet him

A colleague, who asked not to be named, said, “These things happen more than you might realize.

« Mark is a very adept Special Forces operator who can only look at the stars and go where he needs to be. He’s overwhelmed with escape and evasion skills I’m sure he’ll see the funny side »

Panic engulfed the welcome party when they heard that Wildcat was flying away without any sign of the general’s entourage

The source added: “It happened to all of us when it got off the helicopter

« You have no idea where you are. Only when you flutter quietly realizing that there is no one there, it’s a bad sign »

A source added that desperate soldiers tried to reach General Carleton Smith and his aides via a mobile phone, but were stuck in a mobile black spot.

A defense source said General Carleton Smith, who still wore a sand-colored SAS hat, was not lost for long.

He’s so overwhelmed with his escape and evasion skills I’m sure he’ll see the funny side

« There was a » oh my god « moment when they realized that they had lost the army chief and the defense source said that his visit was really a big deal and they had planned everything

But the military insisted it was never lost. It wasn’t where they expected it to be.

A source said: “The pilot flew overhead and decided to land at a landing site for a replacement helicopter, about 600 meters from where they were expecting to land.

A brigade commander waiting to meet with General Carleton Smith set off to where the Chief of the General Staff was waiting

More than 2,000 soldiers from 3 British divisions participated in Exercise Cerberus to test their combat skills in war

General Carleton Smith, who originally joined the Irish Guard, returned to London later that night and attended a special Memorial Day service at Westminster Abbey to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Unknown Warrior

Earlier this year, the general made headlines after he named Veteran Captain Tom Moore the Colonel on the captain’s 100th birthday.

The Queen agreed to the promotion after he raised a whopping £ 32m for the NHS by touring his garden

He said: “His mature wisdom, earnest attitude and sense of humor in adversity make him an inspiring role model for young and old generations”

Tom was informed of his new rank in a letter sent personally to Lt. Col. Thomas Miller, Commander of 1st Battalion, Yorkshire Battalion

Also give Tom his WWII Defense Medal, which he lost, so he can wear to VE Day celebrations next week, as well as the prestigious Regiment Medal.

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World News – Britain – The forces rushed to find the army chief after he fell in the wrong field


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