World News – GB – Former rugby player Rob Burrow shares emotional battle with motor neuron disease


Former Leeds Rhino rugby league player Rob Burrow shares his battle with motor neuron disease (MND) in his documentary “My year with MND” He allowed the cameras to follow her story since her diagnosis in December 2019

« It’s about your voice first, » Burrow struggled. « Then it takes your legs » The 30 minute documentary takes viewers on a very moving journey, and the rapid transformation Burrow went through then that his condition worsened rapidly

« He’s trying to steal your breath, but he can’t undermine your mind, » Burrow says with a smile Despite the illness which significantly affects the rugby player physically and neurologically, he still does what he can to to be a good father and a good husband Burrow refuses to let illness break him because he has « too many reasons to live »

MND is also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) In the UK, around 5,000 adults are diagnosed with MND

Motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord gradually degenerate over time As neurons break down, people diagnosed with the disease have a harder time controlling their muscles Eventually, the muscles stop receiving signals from the brain and stop moving

There is no cure, only prescribed drugs to control involuntary muscle movements, cramps and excess saliva Therapy can help slow progression in the form of supportive devices and physiotherapy

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About 30% of people diagnosed with MND die within a year of diagnosis 50% of MND patients only have about two years to live after diagnosis

The exact cause of the disease is unknown and is not contagious About 10% of cases are associated with inherited genetic mutations Early symptoms include slurred speech, weakened limbs, weight loss and lack of control over crying or laughing

As the disease progresses swallowing and breathing become more difficult Eventually people with MND are fed through feeding tubes

French neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot first identified the disease in the 1860s It later became known as Lou Gehrig’s disease when famous baseball player Henry Louis Gehrig of the New Yankees York, was diagnosed with the disease in 1939

Gehrig was 36 when diagnosed and died two years later Stephen Hawking is also known to have ALS and was paralyzed for several decades

Burrow’s documentary shows support from his entire team, wife Lindsey and parents Rhinos captain Kevin Sinfield continues to stand by his teammate as the film aims to raise awareness of MND

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Sinfield said the whole ruby ​​community was supportive of Burrow, who said, « What about the mailman, bricklayer or guy who works in a factory; works five days a week and doesn’t not that network or that support? ”The Burrow community started with the documentary to raise awareness and fundraise for those who don’t have the same support and network as the former Ruby player.

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World news – UK – Former rugby player Rob Burrow shares his emotional battle against motor neuron disease


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