World News – GB – France expels five from family for forcibly shaving the head of a teenager over an affair


PARIS: Five family members of a Bosnian teenager who had forcibly shaved her head because of her relationship with a Christian Serb have been expelled from France, the minister said Interior Gerald Darmanin

Sources close to Darmanin told AFP that those deported were the parents of the girl and three of her siblings

The parents of the 17-year-old were arrested on Friday after a court in the eastern city of Besançon convicted them of violence against a minor

They were sentenced to one year in prison, four of which were suspended, as were her aunt and uncle, who the girl said had actually shaved her head

While the aunt and uncle were granted refugee status, the parents were denied this status and already had to leave France voluntarily

The girl had arrived from Bosnia and Herzegovina two years ago with her family and had had a relationship for several months with a 20-year-old Serbian boyfriend, who lived in the same apartment building.

While the families got along, her parents took away her phone and prevented her from contacting the boy once the couple started talking about marriage

They told him « we are Muslims, you cannot marry a Christian », prosecutors say after August incident

The court heard how the couple escaped for four days before returning to the apartment where the girl’s family lived

She told court the adults took her to her room where she was punched and kicked by her parents, aunt and uncle and shaved her head

After the young man’s parents called the police, officers took the girl to hospital where she was found to have a broken rib and bruises « all over », prosecutors said.

The young girl will be taken care of by the French social services « and will receive a residence permit once an adult », declared Marlene Schiappa, young minister of citizenship

The case aroused intense emotions in France as it recalled the punishments inflicted after the country’s liberation by World War II on thousands of women who had slept with German soldiers.

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