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Thinking of switching to solar power? Whether you’re driven by environmentalism, economics, or both, there has never been a better time Solar, you might have heard, is more affordable than ever But: it can still be enough complicated

First, you need to educate yourself about the different laws and regulations in your area Next, you need to calculate how much sunlight your home receives, how much money you can save or lose over the course of a lifetime of your system Not to mention what type and number of solar panels to buy, how best to pay for them, the best people to install them, and much more In short, it can be quite confusing

This is why, if you are seriously considering going solar, you should definitely start by consulting with solar experts like those at Understanding Solar

Understand that Solar is a third party advocate for solar energy They don’t sell solar panels They don’t install them Instead, they educate consumers, provide free estimates, and connect consumers with installers local

If you are new to solar energy, Understanding Solar has the educational resources you need to become an expert Find out how solar energy systems work, how they connect to the public grid, how much do they cost? solar panels and how long the solar panels last Understanding Solar can also tell you about the different financing and leasing options available in your area, as well as the tax incentives available, such as the Federal Energy Tax Credit. solar

When you’re ready to take the next step, Understanding Solar offers you a free personalized appraisal All you need to do is fill out their simple online form and provide some details about your home. After that, a Understanding Solar expert will contact you by phone and review your assessment and all your questions But no commitment is required

At this point you may learn that solar power is not for you Maybe your home is not getting enough direct sunlight Maybe the regulations and energy prices in your region makes it unprofitable However, you might learn that solar power would make an exceptional investment

The average cost of installing solar power systems has fallen by 70% over the past decade thanks to falling equipment costs, lower installation costs and government incentives such as credit federal tax for solar energy And naturally, with the drop in start-up costs, solar has become a much better long-term investment

Of course, the first thing most people think of when considering solar power is cutting their electric bill. And it is true that in some cases you can virtually or completely eliminate your reliance on traditional energy.However, these savings are often offset by the cost of installing the system, especially when doing long term financing. It’s not a bad thing You are always doing something great for the planet by reducing your carbon footprint, and at the very least you are breaking even but where you really are to make money with an investment in solar energy, it’s over the long term

Over the past few years we’ve started to get a much better idea of ​​the value solar power systems can bring to a home Although it all depends on where you live and how much solar light your property receives, in general homes with solar power systems sell faster and at higher prices than homes without a solar power system A recent study found that solar power systems add about 41 percent to the value of the average home Another found buyer is usually willing to pay $ 15,000 more for a solar powered home And yet another found that you were making about $ 5,911 in value for every kilowatt of solar power installed

When you factor in projected increases in electricity rates over 10 to 20 years, and all the money you’ll save on traditional power, the more value a solar power system can add to your home, solar panels can be a great long-term investment In fact, it is quite possible that an investment in solar energy could outperform traditional investment portfolios over a 15-20 year period

So if you’re ready to find out if solar is right for you, get your free personalized solar assessment today from Understanding Solar You have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain

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