World News – GB – ‘I teach from my car’ – Vallejo teacher hosts distance learning from Starbucks parking lot after losing internet


VALLEJO (KPIX 5) – Losing a Wi-Fi signal can be a big problem for kids trying to do distance learning, but what if you are the teacher?

An educator at Hogan Middle School in Vallejo decided he wasn’t going to let this stop him, so he took the class on a road trip

2020 has been anything but normal for PE professor Jason Guiducci He teaches distance classes from his backyard during the COVID-19 pandemic But on Tuesday, with all the power outages, he found out he didn’t did not have internet at his home in Napa

« I had a bar on my phone, » Guiducci said, « Nothing was coming or going out so I went to school »

But when he got to Vallejo, he found out that the school didn’t have internet service either Guiducci went home but, being a wrestling coach, he wasn’t willing to throw in the towel

Jason Guiducci, physical education teacher at Hogan Middle School in Vallejo, arranges distance learning from his pick-up after the Internet shutdown at home (CBS)

« So I went to Starbucks and pulled over, got a signal on my district laptop and we left, » Guiducci said

« I teach from my car and hack Starbucks Wi-Fi, » he said on the recording of the « I love you, Starbucks! »

Guiducci said he got the idea of ​​going to Starbucks when he suddenly got cell phone service as he was walking past a mall on his way home from school

For the rest of the day, he supervised the conditioning of his wrestling students from the cab of his van

Makaio Jimenez-Dillanto and his sister Micah are both part of the squad and were taken by surprise

« He was sitting in his car telling us about where he was and why he was there, » Micah said

Guiducci also broadcast the session live on Instagram for a reason He wanted his students to see that with determination, problems can be overcome, even the most important ones Like no internet, power outages, caused by the danger of fire, during a pandemic

“This has never been done before, as far as I know,” he laughs “But it’s a challenge some of us are really excited to be a part of Every generation has its challenge, and it’s ours « 

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News from around the world – UK – « I teach from my car » – Vallejo teacher hosts distance learning from Starbucks parking lot after have lost internet


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