World News – GB – Kate Garraway begs Dr Hilary for help as she worries about her child’s mental health


Kate Garraway from GMB asked Dr Hilary for help as she was concerned about her kids and wanted them to have fun halfway through

Kate Garraway, of Good Morning Britain, pleaded with Dr Hilary Jones to seek her midterm advice, revealing that she was concerned about the mental health of her children, Darcy, 14, and Billy, 11 years old

Their father and Kate’s husband Derek Draper are recovering in hospital from coronavirus and Kate has said she knows she has been in a « strange place »

« May I ask you a personal question Hilary? With the half term looming, with everyone’s desire to do the right thing, I desperately want to do the right thing, » Kate began

« Mid-term we try to find out as a family what I can do for the children »

Susanna asked if Kate’s perspective on people breaking the lockdown rules had been altered based on her own experience with the virus

« Probably, » Kate said « But I also handle what everyone else is handling with restrictions

« I would absolutely not condemn anyone because it is very difficult to manage your finances, to care about maintaining the sanity of your children

« I’ve been in a very strange place, and what they could probably do is have a little fun halfway through, out of the house »

Kate added that planning a trip when different areas were at different levels was a ‘pickle’, and that could change on any day

Hilary replied: « I think people want clarity, they want to know what they should be doing

« You can have all of these levels that you can’t easily impose, but the virus can only pass between human beings, from human to human

« So the smart thing to protect yourself and your family as much as you can is to avoid people who regularly flout the rules, people who don’t wear masks, and social distancing

« But there are a lot of places people are encouraged to go to support the economy, there are vacation camps that tell you when you call, that they have the restrictions in place and everything is fine

« There are a lot of hospitality areas, restaurants where social distancing is so strict, this is where you want to go to maintain the economy responsibly

« Have bars doing the right thing, restaurants serving food, with staggered departure times so that not everyone is gathering on the street and using public transportation

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« What we don’t want are massive crowds demonstrating, abusing the police and mistreating staff when they go to hospitals »

Kate Garraway, Good Morning Britain, Derek Draper, Susanna Reid, Laura Tobin, Hilary Jones

World News – UK – Kate Garraway begs Dr Hilary for help as she ‘she worries about the child’s mental health


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