WORLD NEWS – GB – Korean fans confused about summer comeback & claims « no way » she looks 16


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CORONATION Street fans are baffled by Summer Spellman’s comeback as they claim the new « No Way » actress looks 16.

The student has not been seen on screen for a while, despite the return of her legal guardian Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce).

After spending time with her grandmother, Summer is back in Weatherfield and is now playing new actress Harriet Bibby.

The teenage character was reworked after Matilda Freeman left the role earlier this year to pursue other projects.

Viewers will remember that Billie and Todd became the legal guardians of Summer – the daughter of former Billy Drew – in 2016.

Todd went out soon after in 2017 and ran away after assaulting a police officer, but he failed to tell his loved ones where he was and let them believe he was dead.

When Todd left the pebbles, he and Billy were in the midst of a custody battle with Samar’s biological grandmother, and Samar has since resented Todd..

Speaking about her new role, Harriet said, “I’m delighted to be part of the coronation street team..

“My family watched the show for years and I really feel like part of the family.

“Matilda wishes me good luck, and that was cool! Looking forward to the summer show and shine on screen.

After Summer debuted on screen since August, fans inundated Twitter with comments about the reworked character, which they believe has a completely different appearance than the previous actress..

While another added: “Since when has summer been away from the pebbles?” She is back three years older with a head, body and figure transplant..

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World News – GB – Korean fans bewildered over summer comeback & claims « there’s no way » looks 16


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