World News – GB – KSW 55: Askham vs Khalidov preview


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A resurgent dynamo and a grizzled legend face off once again in a must-see main event

After their fierce battle last December, KSW middleweight champion Scott Askham (19-4) will meet Mamed Khalidov (34-7, 2 draws) again in an immediate rematch for the title If you haven’t kept an eye out for Askham, you’re missing out. He’s been an absolute threat since his UFC exit, remaining undefeated since then at 5-0

It looks like leaving the UFC has led to him reaching his prime and really doing some damage. His kicking arsenal has been a major asset to him and his use of range has been very impressive Khalidov also remains a lanky striker and bear of a grappler who has devastating strikes and ground submissions, making him one of the most formidable fighters to ever fight in a major U based organization

Age may have caught up with Khalidov, but it’s going to take a lot more to break him down. While he wasn’t on his A-game against Askham the first time around, he is able to make up for his deficit of speed by doing more damage with his punches Askham’s kicks and the difference in takedowns should make the difference, just like last time around, but maybe more internal fights and pressure against the cage can level the playing field for the respected veteran

Aleksandar Ilić (12-3) remains one of Dusseldorf’s most interesting middleweight prospects, wreaking havoc on the euro regional scene and turning a lot of heads as he took out Olympian Damian Janikowski on his debut at KSW He has a major challenge against former KSW middleweight champion Michał Materla (28-7) Materla has won most of his fights via finishing and also comes off a victory in EFM, this which won him that middleweight title Materla’s ground strikes are vicious, and his patient attacks leading to submissions have ruined opponents in the classic way

Former UFC fighter Damian Stasiak (11-7) returns to KSW after being spoiled by absolute tanker Antun Rakić with a loss of decision He may be able to bounce back here, but it will be difficult as ‘he will face brave prospect Patryk Surdyn (5-0) Surdyn has an aggressive streak, and may be able to overtake the veteran if he plays well

Andreas Gustafsson (6-0) is a name you should start to familiarize yourself with, as he’s an absolute savage.He takes it as well as he prepares it, and has gone undefeated as a pro, y including a win over UFC and Shooto vet Amilcar Alves But he’s up against the weirdest athlete KSW has seen in Damian Janikowski (4-3) His early MMA fights looked like sheer inadequacies despite battling more experienced opposition, but he’s been having a rough time lately. , three of his last four fights having been losses by strike His only win in this streak was mad Janikowski still has it, he’s just thrown into the depths and rides that

Finally, former Bellator fighter and Ultimate Fighter competitor Przemysław Mysiala (23-10, 1 draw) meets Croatian Stepjian Bekavac (19-10)

As usual, you can check out some of the wild trailers for individual fights, as pandemics don’t destroy production value or vibes

KSW 55: Askham vs Khalidov takes place this Saturday, October 10 The event starts at 2:00 p.m. EST for those of us in the US and will be available for purchase through KSW’s proprietary media channel as well as on FITEla TV

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World News – GB – KSW 55: Askham vs Khalidov preview


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