World news – GB – Led Zeppelin wins ‘Stairway To Heaven’ copyright battle as Supreme Court refuses to hear case


The copyright case against Led Zeppelin’s « Stairway To Heaven » has been formally suspended after the Supreme Court refused to hear the case, upholding the decision taken in March As the Bloomberg Law reports, it is now legally established that Robert Plant and Jimmy Page did not violate « Taurus », a song by guitarist Randy Wolfe of Spirit, a band they had toured with

The case began in 2014 Led Zeppelin initially won the lawsuit, but a new trial was opened in 2018 In August 2020, Randy Wolfe’s estate filed a petition asking the Supreme Court to overturn the March decision

As Bloomberg points out, the Led Zeppelin lawsuit has been closely watched by the music industry as a precedent for how copyright cases might be adjudicated in the future.

In other Led Zeppelin news, Led Zeppelin III was released 50 years ago today and the band announced they would honor it with a re-release of the Japanese version of « Immigrant Song » with « Hey, Hey, What Can I Do » on side B It is « limited » to 19,700 copies and will be available for pre-order here from Thursday (10/8) at 10 am

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News from the world – UK – Led Zeppelin wins the copyright battle « Stairway To Heaven ”as the Supreme Court refuses To hear the case


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