World News – GB – Liam Williams crushes Andrew Robinson in one lap


WBO No.1 middleweight Liam Williams only needed 88 seconds to get rid of Andrew Robinson and keep his British title at BT Studios in London

It was a left hook to the body that knocked Robinson to the floor, where he was scored by referee Marcus McDonnell, but Robinson looked both confused and annoyed after taking a bad shock on his left eye following a head clash earlier, which sparked Williams’ desire to stop him early

« I wanted it to go a little deeper to get a few rounds, get my range and look good and let go of a few shots, » Williams said « But, we clashed and I saw the blood flow, I thought it was a bad cut, so I felt like I had to end this now before it turned into a technical draw So I was like « let’s get him out of there and go home » « 

While the head-to-head clash was immediately deemed accidental by McDonnell, it was Williams who had gone head first to provoke it. Until then, however, Williams appeared to be the only winner in the first ten seconds, he landed a cutting right which knocked out Robinson, who seemed unable to keep the Welshman away from him

Williams chased him into the ring and, after the head shock, he quickly closed the show, knocking Robinson back into a corner with fierce right hooks, before landing a right, then a left on the body that plunged him to his knees

It’s been ten months since Williams stopped Alantez Fox in a similarly devastating style in a final eliminator for the WBO middleweight title, but there is no sign yet of when Williams could get his shot against the champion, Demetrius Andrade

“I’m a mandatory challenger so it’s a matter of when and where,” said Williams “Give me the date, give me a spot and I’ll be there They have to start enforcing it now a little but more, I think, and I’m pushing for it because I want my chance and I want it then

« I wish it was this outing, but I keep going, I stay in the gym and I am still learning. I will only be better when the time comes »

Williams, who also suffered a cut in the shock to the head, has said he would be keen to defend another defense of his British title if an Andrade fight was not forthcoming

« As soon as the cut heals I’m good to go, » he said « I wish it was before Christmas but realistically is it going to happen? I doubt it So I will just keep spinning, unless Frank (Warren) wants to give me another little race before Christmas to win that title outright, because that’s something I would love to do « 

[QUOTE = MPDKSAB; 20804250] I watched a movie about this guy & I gave myself so much cushion but I kept saying that I have a feeling he is going to stop this asshole on the 1st round I knew I should put some on more about…

I watched a movie about this guy & I gave myself so much cushion but I kept saying that I have the feeling that he is going to stop this garbage ass nìgga in the 1st round I knew that I should put more on…

The f [I] u [/ I] ck was that stop?

I mean yeah, Robinson was going to be arrested anyway but come on at least give the man a chance

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World news – UK – Liam Williams crushes Andrew Robinson in one round


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