World News – GB – McInerney is excluded from Claire’s confrontation with Wexford after refusing to appeal the red card


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DAVID MCINERNEY was disqualified from Clare’s All-Ireland SHC qualifying match to Wexford tomorrow after his appeal against a one-match ban was rejected.

Claire Eco reported that McNerney’s appeal was unsuccessful after receiving a red card for an out-of-ball accident with Mark Kavanagh during Banner’s defeat to Lauis last weekend..

The Tula player will be absent on Saturday while Brian Lohan and Davey Fitzgerald renew their rivalry by qualifying for the All-Ireland quarter-finals.. .

Lohan was optimistic that McNerney’s comment could be canceled. After the match, he said, “I didn’t see the incident myself but I spoke to David in the first half.. He was wrestling, as two guys were jostling, and it was the assistant referee on the far side who made the call.

“Very frustrating. I thought the game was played in perfect spirit with the players working hard.

His absence in midfield may necessitate that Banner pull Tony Kelly off the field, with another option being made from an already exhausted attack..

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World News – GB – McKinerne excluded from Claire’s confrontation with Wexford after the red card appeal was rejected


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